Tuesday, August 14, 2018

"Very Fine People" On The Right At Unite The Right 2017?

I finally got serious about looking into this. I'd been assured by a normally reliable source that this was true--that many of the people there weren't connected to white supremacists (et al.), and that there were only three guys dressed as Nazis with a swastika flag, and they were widely considered to be, as it were, a "false flag" operation--or LARPers. (I didn't believe that last bit, incidentally.) I've read several accounts about people claiming to have driven in from other states just to protest the statue removal, and being shocked by the prevalence of racist psychos...but a year after the fact, I can't confirm those stories.
   Then Pete Mac made a decisive point in an earlier post: that some of the militia guys who are clearly pretty normal and not affiliated with any racist psychos...did not consider themselves to be attending, as it were, on the right side of the rally: they considered themselves to be neutral third parties.
   It's starting to seem to me now, in retrospect, that there were not any "very fine people" on the right side of Unite The Right 2017. I mean, I'm sure there were some...but Trump said 'many.' It's always, of course, been perfectly clear that there were very not fine people on both sides of the fight. But that's a different issue. It's uncontroversial that there were also good people on the left. It's looking more and more as if the UTR side was composed entirely--or pretty close to entirely--of racist fuckheads.
   If so...then I was way bad wrong about that. And that's some shit that you do not want to be wrong about.
   Incidentally, my view has always been that Trump shouldn't have said that--but also that he was badgered into saying it (which is true), and that it was true (which is false) which is almost always a defense.
   But I now think I was wrong, very bigly.


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