Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Different Kind Of Rally In C'Ville A Year After Unite The Right

Eh, who knows, but strikes me as kinda nutty on both sides.
   I'm not exactly clear what the protest was originally about, since I kinda don't understand the "take back" locution. But it apparently turned into an anti-police thing. Which is a bit odd given that the cops were deployed out of concern that the Unite The Right people were coming back. OTOH, I'm down with concerns about the paramilitarization of the police. And I do think that the students protecting the Jefferson statue last year deserves to be commemorated. That was basically the one great event of the whole mess, I thought. UTR had a right and a permit to rally in Lee park. They didn't have a permit to hold a tiki-torch march on the UVA grounds. (Though...did they have a right? I don't know the answer to that.) That was clearly an attempt to intimidate. And, whereas my best guess is that the Antifa-esque counterprotesters started the violence at Lee park, it seems to have been the tiki-torch neo-nazis who started it at the Jefferson statue.


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