Saturday, August 11, 2018

PC Newspeak Again

Man, I've really been obsessing about how effective this ridiculous tactic of just asserting deviant definitions is. It's the most transparent ploy in the universe! How can it work so damnably well???
  Though...the other bone-headed, characteristic progressive tactic--the ad hominem--is also crazy effective. (Exactly the sort of thing I'd expect from a straight white male!) But every type of scalawag and ne'er-do-well uses ad hominems.
   That crazy redefinition's just baffling to me. Ah, you see...'woman' simply means person who thinks they're a woman!  And 'racism' just means: one of you f*cking white people! And 'sexism' means unfairness based on sex...against women. (Though actually in that latter case, they've tended to just drop 'sexism' as a sin, and replace it with misogyny. Which adds yet another layer of crazy by mischaracterizing disrespect as hatred.)
   Maybe its not so surprising that the academic left remains obsessed with Whorf-Sapir.


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