Thursday, August 09, 2018

"Sarah Jeong Is A Boring, Typical Product Of The American Academy"

...who, inter alia, freaked the **** out when people pointed out that the UVA/Rolling Stone rape hoax was a hoax. Which was...basically immediately obvious to anyone with a spare neuron or two.
By the great Heather Mac Donald, peace be upon her!
I think that the anti-left is converging on the right attitude about this. To wit, as I'd put it: this is not so much about Sarah Jeong or the NYT or any particular institution. This is about progressivism and the progressive cultural superstructure. It's a set of general ideas and general tendencies that can no longer reasonably be denied.
   Oh, hey...remember how there's no such thing as political correctness? Are they still trying to sell that snake oil? Because that would be hilarious.

[Update: Some of her tweets about the UVA/Rolling Stone thing.]


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