Thursday, August 09, 2018

Dreher: Most Reject "Trans" Dating

There's so much to say about this...
For example, that only 6.23 of the 7 "trans" people in the study would consider dating another "trans" individual... And, of course that that .77 of a person is a f*cking bigot...
   On a more serious note: talk is cheap. Many people have allowed themselves to be badgered/bullied into claiming that some men are women and some women are men. But when it matters...where the rubber meets becomes clear that they do not. Belief is a willingness to act. A straight guy who is willing to rule out sex with an entire group of "women"--of various races, heights, weights, hair and eye colors, etc.--does not believe them to be women. (Something similar could be said of lesbians...though they're not such notorious horn dogs as guys are.) It'll probably be pretty easy to bully people into using the wrong pronouns. It's not going to be so easy to bully them into having sex with people when that runs counter to their sexual preferences.
   Hey, remember back when our sexual preferences were sacrosanct, and no one was permitted to question them? Those were the days.
   Undoubtedly some people have allowed themselves to be convinced that men can be women and vice-versa. Some people are, after all, of a particularly malleable turn of mind. But what this whole psychotic episode has really done is train Americans to keep their mouths shut and refuse to question the cultural authority of progressives...because they know what's good for them.
   Also, this is the kind of nonsense that results from the manipulation of language. You can get people to pretend that 'woman' means something different than it means...but you can't thereby get them to want to share the restroom with nor have sex with the newly-minted "women." Fiddling with meaning at one point just causes the problem to squish out elsewhere.


Blogger The Mystic said...

You know, I will offer this slightly more hopeful observation:

It seems to me that it has become increasingly common for people to actually push back on this stuff. Sure, it's being painted as "bigots coming out of the woodwork" and whatnot, but I seem to be sensing an increased comfort in disagreeing with the new orthodoxy both within my social circle and even online (even some redditors are gettin' a bit feisty).

And really, I gotta imagine that the more overtly crazy it becomes, the more people are going to push back. The long climb to the top on behalf of the Ctrl-Left is both hopefully and probably just setting them up for a harsh reality check.

It just takes some more cray-cray than screaming undergrads and conciliatory university bureaucrats to rile up the plebs. Remember,after all: we're in a country which has been losing lives to a nonsensical pseudo-war for 17 years and people still don't give a fuck. This culture war junk ain't gonna get any serious public push-back until there's the culture-war equivalent of a draft.

But then it's on. Immediately and severely, it is then on.

11:50 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

"the culture-war equivalent of a draft" that's an interesting idea...

7:19 PM  

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