Monday, March 19, 2018

Peak PC?: You're A Sexist If You Don't Treat Your Echo With Respect

It's cheating...

The Khan / Yale Sexual Assault Trial: About Par For The Course

It seems like it's just one story after another like this from academia.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Carolina 65 - TAMU 86

Congrats to the Aggies on a damn great game. They were the better team on the court today and absolutely deserved the win.
   Really sad to see Carolina go out that way. Though TAMU was good, we were also...not. At one point we were 1 of 22 from 3, and we ended shooting under 20% from there. Not our day. TAMU was the kind of big, athletic team that is...or...was...very bad match-up for us. Since our inside game is so weak, we've got to be hitting from outside to beat a team like that. The offense manufactured lots of open looks for shots over the zone...but absolutely nothing would fall. Ergh.
   Man, I really wanted to see just one game where we got it all together and a healthy Theo could really strut his stuff...but, alas, 'twas not to be.
   Hey, yo, but we still get to be in the Sweet Sixteen, right? You, like, can't have the Sweet Sixteen without Carolina...right?
   On the bright side, I guess, hoops is over for the year, so I've got more time to do actual stuff.

Lindsey Graham Calls For Judiciary Hearing On Firing of McCabe

Don't agree with him all the time, obviously, but Graham has been going mostly up in my estimation since the '16 GOP debates.

Go Tar Heels

Beat the Aggies

History Conference Under Fire Because All Speakers Were White Males

The horror...the horror...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

There Is A Clear Link Between Mass Shootings And Mental Illness

   As for the link between mass shootings and being a white male--well, that seems true, too. I mean, I don't know what to make of it, and the vocal vanguard of the progressive / PC left is absolutely bat. shit. crazy. with hatred of evil straight white males...but that doesn't change the facts. If there's a correlation there's a correlation. No sense in getting our fee-fees in a bunch about it.

Friday, March 16, 2018

McMaster Out

I find this unnerving. 
I suppose I'm not the only person who wonders whether he's going to keep getting rid of people until he finds some compliant enough to do what he wants them to...whatever the hell that might be.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

"Recognizing Racist Microaggressions"

Includes the patently racist "there is only one race--the human race" (which I've heard many folks on the left say, incidentally, in some form or other), as well as the heinously, like, SUPER-MEGA-microaggressive "where were you born?" And don't miss "I think the most qualified person should get the job" God don't these people realize it's [current year]?????
   Then there are the hilarious ones that seem to have been lifted from a Leave It To Beaver episode or something, like "You're a girl, you don't have to be good at math." Which, of course, people say all the time these days. Just like: "Women? Vote? Hahaha! Dream on, little lady! Next thing, you'll want to wear pants!" And "Why don't you be a good girl and go make me a sandwich?"
   Also: saying "affirmative action is racist" is...well...I'm sure I don't have to tell you what it is...

Why Doesn't FDR Get Blamed For Japanese (Et Al.) Internment?

I read someone pointing this out a couple of months ago. It'd just never occurred to me before. I mean...shouldn't he be? 
(Unless, of course, internment was excusable...though...not to say I wouldn't have been just as crazy under those conditions...but...I'm skeptical that case can be made.)

CNN: Legally Deporting Illegal Aliens Back To Their Home Countries = The Holocaust

At first I thought: eh, this isn't so bad. It's just a journalist being relatively neutral about this shitty problem, plus some perfectly reasonable sympathy for these girls.
   Yeah, that goes away completely, and it becomes a full-blown, Holocaust-mongering feelz-fest. Seriously, this "journalist"s attitude is just gross.
   Which is, again, in no way to deny that this is a shitty, shitty problem.
   Honestly, do people not realize that it's the end of America if we don't exercise reasonable controls over who comes in? We've only got two options: (a) have some kind of reasonable immigration system and (b) chaos.

Duke Makes It Out Of First Round

...bracket busted

Who Believes in Russiagate?

All I know about Russiagate is what I read on the intertubes: it's either obviously for real and Trump is treasonous or it's obviously bogus and only the dupiest dupes take it seriously.
   I know it's all terribly obvious...but I basically don't know anything else about it.
   I'm just waitin' around for Mueller to tell me what's what.

[Whoa...turns out that when you post on Russiagate you get some reeeeeeeally crazy spam...]

Kudlow To Become Trump White House Economic Adviser

My prediction of Judge Judy to the Supreme Court is looking better and better.

What Will The Nationwide School Walkouts Accomplish?"

   There's little reason to think that kids have any particular insight into this problem--other than the kids who were actually at Parkland. It seems like that would give you an important perspective. Though it's also likely to rob you of your objectivity. My general inclination is to take the testimony of people with direct experience of such things very seriously...but not to accept their conclusions uncritically.
   Even the people involved in these walkouts seem to think it merely aims to "sustain outrage." It doesn't do anything to advance the arguments of the pro-more-gun-control side. It's really just a kind of theater. Here's one sentence on schools "collaborating" with students on walkouts...and almost a whole paragraph about schools working to thwart them:
Some schools collaborated with the students on actions, moments of silence, or programming with guest speakers. But other schools have forbidden students from participating in the walk-out, with some even threatening suspension. Some superintendents cited safety concerns for these restrictions, arguing that they didn’t have enough staff to protect students from potential violence while they were outside of classrooms. But other schools explicitly objected to students’ political activism: One middle school in Fresno, California, allowed students to walk out, but strongly discouraged them from speaking about gun policy, noting that some students wanted to make a statement of solidarity rather than engage in an act of political protest.
Obviously a lot of teachers and schools will be doing more than "collaborating," given the general political orientation of the education establishment. There can't be any real doubt that many teachers and schools will be encouraging the walkouts. Reports are already rolling in about students being pressured to participate--as well as reports of students being prevented from doing so. Our main goal right now, obviously, has to be to protect student's First Amendment rights. And that's got nothing to do with which side of the issue they're on (needless to say).
   I'm not a protesty guy anyway. And mobilizing the least-knowledgeable and least-mature segment of the population to do your bidding seems beyond lame to me. OTOH, I do think that youth can have a certain perspective on things. OTOOH, I doubt there's much more thought behind all this than there is behind any other teen fad. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Penn Punishes Amy Wax For Her Un-PC Views

I suppose it's possible that Penn is telling the truth about why they now refuse to let her teach civ pro...but only distantly possible. 
   Then there's this:
The Penn Law chapter of the National Lawyers' Guild, a progressive legal organization, said that Wax's comments were "an explicit and implicit endorsement of white supremacy," and asserted that "her bigoted views inevitably seep into her words and actions in the classroom and in private conversations with students."
White supremacy!!! means virtually nothing. Of course "white supremacy" is used by the left to merely mean racism. And 'racism' is used to mean...well...almost nothing anymore. Certainly nothing beyond white people did it and we don't like it. So it was inevitable that 'white supremacy' would come to mean virtually nothing, too. Nothing wax said is racist. She's got a--plausible--view about the advantages and disadvantages of certain cultures. The left bitches about Western culture ceaselessly. Needless to say, however, that's not racist for reasons. 
   Our cultural superstructure is controlled by cultists.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

National Geographic: We Were Racist For Showing People Who Were Different Than Us; And Because They Thought Our Cameras Were Cool

Nat Geo has decided to enter into the newest progressive fad: stern self-denunciation of its own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad racism. It apparently hired an expert on glossy racist nature photography to tell it exactly how awful it had been. Chief among its sins: it showed pictures of (a) people from elsewhere in the world who tend to wear fewer clothes than we do wearing fewer clothes than we do, and (b) people from places that don't have cameras and shit being amazed at cameras and shit. Both of these things are, as you can see, superDUPER racist. Like, basically they couldn't BE any more racist unless they'd, I don't know, represented non-Westerners as exotic or different than us or something. God knows they probably otherized the shit out of other people.
   Who, incidentally, doesn't go gaga over slick technology they've never seen before? We gawk at the stuff like crazy and we see it every damn day. How can you be so goddamn puritanical or whatever it is as to flagellate yourself over showing people having perfectly goddamn natural, amazed reactions to objectively amazing shit? I guess they should have been like: "Listen up you guys, you gotta act SUPER FUCKING BLASE about this technology or we're totally not putting you in the magazine."
   Cultural Revolution II: The Cultening seems to be proceeding apace.

De'Andre Hunter Has A Broken Wrist; Done For The Year

Damn that's a gut punch for the Hoos

Julia Serano, "Debunking 'Trans Women Are Not Women' Arguments"

Wow this is terrible.
   I mean really, really, really bad. Though I will say that I think it inadvertently helped me understand an aspect of this ridiculous theory: the not-well-articulated idea seems to be that experiencing sexism is what makes someone a woman. I mean...that's obviously absurd. But I think that's part of what these people are thinking. That squares with my view that one way to understand these kinds of theories is as the latest development in, roughly, the disagreement about the priority of nature over culture (or vice-versa). They basically want to minimize the role of nature and maximize that of culture. So they are unhappy that being a woman is a biological matter, and are trying to find a way to replace that conception with a social conception. So much the better if it's an oppressiony one.

The Loneliness of James Mattis

Please don't leave, Mad Dog.

Tillerson / McMaster / Mnuchin "Suicide Pact"?

I hope not. I don't see Trump's choices getting any better.

Hayley Phelan: "How Does Submissive Sex Work In The Age Of #Me Too?"

This is reasonable.
   But look: 
   First, it's not about "Me Too." It's about "affirmative consent" = "'Yes' means yes." As I've noted before, "yes means yes" isn't the right name for it. It's, rather:  No 'yes' means no. The main component of "affirmative consent" theory is: 
If John and Jane are having sex, John must explicitly ask for and explicitly receive permission to proceed at every moment.
   No one has ever done this in the entire history of sex. In fact, it's impossible. No matter how frequently John asks, there will always and inevitably be a window during which he has not secured explicit consent. And that's where the rape happens. Every time.
   Of course usually the advocates of the "affirmative consent" theory say that permission must only be secured at every point of escalation...but that isn't true. It's no defense to say "we'd been doing x for awhile at that point." If you fail to "secure assent" with respect to continuing to do x, advocates of affirmative consent will classify you as a rapist.
[I once asked Johnny Quest what she'd do if I started asking for consent during sex at every point, every time. Without hesitating, she said "Break up with you." Oh yeah. She's crazy about me.]
   But anyway: 
   Though I think Phelan's piece is pretty reasonable, it's probably wasted effort, because there's a clear answer to the question in her title: there is no place for any non-zero degree of dominance or submission in sex according to the affirmative consent theory. It's patently obvious that, by the principles (such as they are) of political correctness and progressivier parts of progressivism, any nonzero degree of either dominance or submission is "rape culture." Period.
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Damore's "Anti-Diversity" "Manifesto"

This is just one stupid thing, but it does give you some idea what we're up against when you see this kind of rhetoric. Damore's document is in no substantial sense "anti-diversity." (Not to mention: a "manifesto.")
   At my own institution, "diversity" and "inclusion" have become creepy-ass mantras that are intoned at every opportunity...and then some. They often seem to be more important to the institution than teaching and scholarship. Even somebody like me who's basically in favor of the ideas (when they're stripped of their quasi-religious creepiness and PC aspects) can't help but be weirded out a bit by how they've been elevated to something like the unquestionable and primary obsession of the institution.
   Anyway. Pointing out he failings of contemporary diversophiliacs is not equivalent to being against fairness. In fact, a commitment to fairness demands that we oppose the excesses of diversophlia. Which is what Damore did. The first words of his "manifesto" are: "I value diversity and inclusion..." Of course the PC left springs its kafkatrap at such impertinence...but they're crazy.

Trump's Revolving Door

Tillerson out.
   I'll bet turnover in the upper administration constitutes some kind of (weak) objective measure of presidential quality. Ceteris parabus, high turnover doesn't seem like a good sign.

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