Thursday, September 24, 2020

Rare Righty Hate-Crime Hoax???

I'm calling it.
Has all the signs--just too perfect. Somebody who's going to burn your house down isn't going to spray-paint 'BLM,' 'Biden 2020' OR what looks like a half-assed attempt at an anarchy symbol. Let alone all three.
Way fake.
Whereas the torrent of leftist hate-crime hoaxes are generally reported by the media...but then ignored when they turn out to be fake...this one will likely be reported in the opposite way: ignored until proven to be a hoax, then reported. 

Trump And Accepting Defeat

Of course you have to say unequivocally that there's no question--if you lose, you leave office. I have no doubt that Trump will do so, and he's got to say that.
   But what he did say was that he won't automatically concede if there have been significant Democrat shenanigans leading to unclarity about the result. Which is also the right answer. But you have to be careful about how you say it. And he's never careful about how he says anything. 
   The primary danger of a coup or quasi-coup doesn't come from Trump. It comes from the Dems, who have been conducting a rolling series of them for nearly four years now.

Your Blue Future: MSM Lies About Breonna Taylor Case; Grand Jury Hands Down The Right Decision; ...Contrary To BLM Preferences; Riots Ensue

So this is what they're calling "the new normal," then?
   It all started with the MSM pushing the preferred leftist fantasy about Trayvon Martin. Then the string of roughly similar lies about similar kinds of cases ever since--through Michael Brown, etc., up to Breonna Taylor. Almost nobody actually knows much of anything about policy or politics or even current events...especially not young people. And progressives locked into their media-bolstered, largely fact-free weltanschauung. (Though there's barely any welt in it...)
   And now what we have is a god damned train wreck.

Moderates' Best Bet Is To Vote For Trump

This has been clear for some time, as somebody around here may have mentioned.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

America: Hold My Beer

 This is not the crowd...of a person who comes in second place

CRT Indoctrination Defying Trump EO Cancelled

Trump Recovery Much Better Than Expected


BLM/Antifa Domestic Terror / Riots Move Into Suburbs; Rioters Demand Acts Of Submission / Support On Pain Of Burning Down Houses

They are, indeed, totalitarian domestic terrorists
And they are in an alliance with the blue team.

WaPo: Nothing On Hunter Biden Revelations

Democracy dies in darkness.

Tucker Airs Video That Conclusively Proves Kyle Rittenhouse Acted In Self-Defense

As if it hadn't already been proven...
Rittenhouse is basically the only person doing what he should have been doing in that whole mess of  a radius of, apparently, several blocks.
This is your blue future: not a single rioter was charged. None of the arsonists was charged. None of the violent felons who attacked Rittenhouse (and others) were charged. None of the vandals destroying people's businesses were charged. The felon who was illegally carrying, shot at Rittenhouse, and said, in effect, that his only regret was not murdering Rittenhouse was not charged.
The only person charged was the good kid who was there out of community spirit, legally carrying, and defending himself from the murderous, leftist mob:
They will not be charged for trying to kill you, but you will be charged for trying to stop them from it.
Here's the link; what a surprise, Blogger won't embed it...

Dems Latest Project To Sow Electoral Chaos: Ranked-Choice Voting In Maine

 This is the perfect election not to do this.

Three Gov't Agencies Proceed With CRT Brainwashing In Defiance Of Trump's Executive Order

 Read the whole thread. Utterly appalling.

Is The Deep State Using The "Color Revolution" Playbook Against Trump?

Needless to say, the MSM dismisses the idea as a "conspiracy theory." And, I mean, it's hard to blame them. Like Russiagate (which the MSM helped create) and Russiagategate (which the MSM works overtime to suppress), it is a theory about a conspiracy... Oh, wait... In each of those cases, there was/is a left-wing/Democrat conspiracy against Trump...
Beattie made an interesting case in just five minutes on Carlson's show. He claims that the same people who foment the color revolutions abroad--especially one Norm Eisen--using the same playbook--actually titled The Color Revolution Playbook--are fomenting what is, in effect, a color revolution (The black revolution? Y'know...after Pantyfa fashion...what'd you think I meant?) in the USA against Trump.
Sounds pretty crazy to me...but Russiagate/Russiagategate sounded crazy to me, too...
Incidentally, how's the coverage of Russiagategate going over at the WaPo and NUT? I meant: NYT, of course... Pretty extensive and objective? Or what?

Are Polls Just Another Form Of Progressive MSM Propaganda?

In the RCP poll averages today, Biden is ahead in every battleground state.
Can this really be true?
I'm given to political pessimism, so I'd not normally find this too hard to believe. 
But I do this time. 
As good a job as Trump is doing in so many different ways, it just doesn't seem plausible to me that he's basically behind everywhere he possibly could be. Yeah, yeah, I realize that there's a plausible story about his having botched the batflu business--though I don't buy it. I mean, he botched the wordy leadership part of it, IMO. Pretty bad. But as for whether his actual response was above or below some kind of average, we don't know. And we likely never will. I have a kind of inclination to believe that he did a pretty good job on that part--but I'm in no way sure. 
Then, of course, there is the massive network of lies and delusions in which progressives live--and which they seek to pull down over the eyes of the public via the propagandistic institutions they control--the "news" media, academia, publishing...and every aspect of popular culture. That massive propaganda apparatus is probably unmatched in human history. I makes that of the USSR look like amateurish. And that's hard to beat...
And of course there's Trump's demeanor/comportment problem, including his lunatic tweets...
But honestly, as insane as the Democrats and the progressive left has gone...riots, arson, killing...the turning of the government against anyone who opposes these things...the control of speech and public discussion...the imposition of crazy leftist philosophical bullshit on people via "antiracism" "training"...
I can, reluctantly, believe that Biden might win.
I cannot believe that a Biden landslide is in the offing.
And so I cannot believe that Biden's ahead in virtually every battleground state.
And, given how right the right has been about things over the course of the past few years...
...I'm inclined to think they're likely right again (though it's an old point to them, it's newish to me): polls are PMSM propaganda by other means: they seek to influence, not inform/predict. At least at this point in the race. (Later--so goes the conservative lore--they have to start worrying more about their record for accuracy.)
Of course maybe we are facing a Democratic landslide with coattails.
In that case, we are right and truly f*cked.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

President Trump Signs Executive Order Abolishing Critical Race Theory Training In Government

The problem isn't exactly CRT, but rather what I've called "the postpostmodern mishmash" of postmodernism, poststructuralism, critical theory (including CRT), radical feminism, social constructionism, gender and transgender ideology, and some other odds and ends of bullshit. 
   But look: no need to get nit-picky here: Trump has irrevocably won my vote and support with this order. 
   He's just a good President--possibly a great President. Even despite his unpresidential comportment and demeanor. 
   This pseudophilosophical bullshit has been forced into the mainstream and is treated as if it's something other than philosophical speculation. You don't "train" people in a fucking certain brand of philosophical speculation. It'd be like "training" them in Spinozism (except that would at least be interesting and possibly fruitful) or nihilism or skepticism. CRT is a load of horseshit even by the standards of philosophy. It's heavily loaded with illiberal, extremist left ideology. It's largely Marxism translated over onto race. Trump has done something very, very important here. He's gone right at this shit in a way that no other President I can think of would have. 

Clarence Thomas On Joe Biden

The Window Is Rapidly Closing On The Durham Investigation

I now rather doubt we'll hear the results of the investigation before the election.
This looks to be bigger than Watergate, and will likely, IMO, be absolutely devastating for Dems--especially since Biden seems to be directly implicated. 
I think I understand the arguments for refusing to allow the election to influence the timeline of the investigation. OTOH, there are obvious arguments in the other direction.
It should be a matter of great concern to everyone the Progressitarianism has been so effective at insolating its adherents from information about this monumental scandal.

Adjunct Prof Who Referred To The Chinese Virus As 'The Chinese Virus' Put On Leave

This is, of course, one way the left wins: they micromanage our vocabulary--and they're accorded the power to do so. If there's a dispute about terminology, they automatically win--their diktats become the status quo as soon as they issue them. And not only are they accorded the authority to deem certain terminology unacceptable, they can even declare it matter how absurd their arguments. Or with no argument at all:
   The University of Cincinnati is reportedly investigating an instructor who referred to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus,” a term that has been deemed xenophobic, unscientific and politicized, and which has been employed by President Trump. According to WKRC and screenshots of an email shared on social media, John Ucker, adjunct instructor of mechanical and materials engineering, responded to a student who had to miss an in-person lab due to a mandatory COVID-19 quarantine like this: “For students testing positive for the chinese virus [sic], I will give no grade.”
   President Neville Pinto of Cincinnati later said on Twitter, “There is no place for bigotry in our community or any other. We are better than this. Every Bearcat deserves to feel welcomed, respected and supported. Greatness starts with inclusion. And inclusion starts with each of us.”

Sowing The Seeds Of Chaos: Court Rules Michigan Can Count Mail-In Ballots 14 Days After Election Day

 There's simply no excuse for what the Dems are doing.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Can't Touch This MAGA Gear

Frothing "Liberal" Rage Over RBG's Seat

   Death threats, threats of civil war, vague-but-unbounded threats that "nothing is off the table," shrieking freakouts, and the ever-present mass protests (though thus far they don't seem to have beaten anyone into a wheelchair, killed anyone, nor burnt anything down...)
  The Pubs played hardball (to say the least) with Merrick Garland. But it was Reid who exercised the nuclear option against rule XXII... That was a huge step down our current road. I currently think that was a mistake. At any rate, procedurally I haven't been wild about McConnell's hardball tactics. But so long as this madness controls the left, I honestly don't see any other option. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

BLM Quietly Scrubs Descriptions Of Its Anti-American, Marxist Positions From Its Website

Everybody on the right knows about this stuff...almost nobody on the left seems to. Wonder whether it's been mentioned even once in the WaPo or the NYT?
   Also: PolitiFact basically just lies about what BLM says about the family. They claim that BLM doesn't seek to "disrupt" the nuclear family--though that's exactly what BLM says. Then they use the old semantic dodge, claiming that BLM seeks to "redefine" the family...which does nothing but thinly conceal their actual position--it comes to the same thing.

A No-Win SCOTUS Question For Trump?

Word is that he's thinking Amy Coney Barrett. 
   This will be taken by progressives (and what remains of liberals) as a broadside against abortion--which it may well be. 
And abortion motivates Dems way more than it motivates Pubs. There's almost no such thing as a pro-life Democrat anymore, whereas there seem to be quite a few pro-choice Republicans. Just seems like a bad gamble so close to the election.
   But, IMO, we can't afford a Harris- (or maybe even Biden-!)appointed Supreme. I default to libertarianism on abortion. But I don't think that even losing Roe--which I don't think is going to happen--would be a disaster. It'd just mean that some red states would outlaw it--and Planned Parenthood et al. would set up services to transport women from those states to blue states. 
   Given the unhinging of the progressive left, we just can't risk the kind of appointment we'd likely get right now. Even in general, I've gone--for now at least--over to the side of textualists. All textualist justices do is force us to actually pass laws to effect change--rather than relying on judges to, in effect, rewrite old laws. So textualists aren't a disaster. Whereas activist "living Constitution" types are pretty commonly disastrous. 

Your Blue Future: Say The Words We Tell You To Say Or The Mob Attacks

There is no reasoning with such people. Force is the only solution.
This is a violent, insane, anti-liberal, anti-American, anti-Constitutional cult, supported by many Democrats.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Do Masks Work?

Graham On Garland Decision: We'll Do The Same If A SCOTUS Vacancy Opens Up In Trump's Last Year

Dunno, man. This is just too important. The cult is at the door...
But also: this isn't Trump's last year, so...

Also--and I didn't think of this one: we shouldn't set up a 4-4 tie in among the Supremes given the almost-inevitable chaos that Team Blue has engineered for the election. 

RBG's "Last Words"

I don't buy it, just for the record. 
I'm not really sure how last words work...maybe you can sort of read them into the record ahead of time or something. But they just don't sound plausible to me. A bit too perfect among other things.

The Real Trump, IMO

According to my recent/current view, this is the real Trump.
   I'm not saying what that might mean, since the real Trump doesn't come out often enough. Also, this might be the real Trump and the other Trump might also be the real Trump. But the view, common among my friends and associates, that he's a monster simply isn't true.
   The, that's how I first saw it, and that's what I found, and so there it is.

McCarthy: Systemic Racism? Make Them Prove It

Eh, "make them prove it" doesn't strike quite the right tone.
   Better is: before we can accept what looks like a politico-religious article of faith, we'd need to find proof of this as-yet-ostentatiously-unproven hypothesis. The arguments provided as of yet are patently insufficient to establish it. Group differences can't constitute the proof because (i) it's group differences that are the abductive basis for proposing the hypothesis--so they can't also be used as inductive evidence for confirming the hypothesis; and: (ii) since group differences are the rule rather than the exception, it's not even clear that the hypothesis is legitimate, since it's not clear there's anything to explain. Furthermore (iii) there are actual scientific hypothesis that are better-established and capable of explaining the differences if they do need to be explained--e.g. differences in time-preferences, the scholastic achievement gap, and the Nuclear Hypothesis...

Trump: 1776 Commission To Combat "1619 Project" And Establish "Patriotic" And "Pro-America" Education

I'm mostly against this, too.
Education ought to be objective.
Give 'em the facts and the arguments. They should be able to see the rest.
Though I do agree that a certain degree of patriotism may be required for a nation--especially one like ours--to succeed and endure. It may be permissible to highlight the positive (e.g. our capacity for self-correction.)

Friday, September 18, 2020

McConnel: Trumps SCOTUS Nominee Will Receive A Vote In The Senate

 This makes it less crucial for the Pubs to win.

DeVos Will Withhold Funds From CT School To Save Girls' Sports

Of all of Trump's excellent appointments, DeVos may be the best.

Tulsi Proposes Banning Ballot Harvesting

 The best way to avoid violence and chaos is to block these insane Dem quasi-cheats--mass vote-by-mail, ballot harvesting, etc. That lunacy is going to create a disaster.

The Left's Web Of Lies And Delusions Cannot Be Contained

   You should care that the left has become a web of lies and delusions, and that it subordinates reason to dogma...because truth and reason are important and lies and delusions are bad--not because of any resultant practical problems. 
   However, there will be resultant practical problems...
   We've already seem some of them: police and whites aren't allowed to use force against nonwhites, no matter how obviously justified. Whereas criminal blacks are excused almost no matter what they do. The left apparently doesn't even care about rape anymore--which fits with its general tendency to consistently put women at the bottom of its preferred victim hierarchy...
   In this video, a woman harasses a CVS manager who called the police about black shoplifters. We have allowed the left to spin its myth about police violence against now, having established that premise, they can claim that calling the police on blacks is never permissible because it's always a likely death-sentence. If anyone other than Heather Mac Donald had called bullshit on the original falsehood, these problems could have been avoided...
   Well, actually, pretty much everybody on the right has denied the BLM myth. But nothing the right says is ever capable of penetrating the left's groupthink forcefield.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Dead At 87

 Rest in peace, Justice Ginsberg.

Any Consistency Whatsoever Is A Hobgoblin Of Straightwhitemale Minds, I Reckon