Wednesday, August 08, 2018

The Boys/Girls/Etc. In The Marketing Division Have Decreed That Masculinity Is Over

Wow, this is creepy and gross.
OTOH, I do think there are genuine questions and ideas buried in this sort of thing. They're not new questions...but they're real ones. I've never thought such questions were stupid. I just think the bizarre, unquestionable orthodox answers of the academic left are stupid. Oh: and the general ways they go about thinking about the questions as well.
   I mean, if dudes want to wear makeup, it's not like it's anybody else's business. It's a free country, homes. Well, basically the call is really up to women, I guess. If they like it, guys will start doing it. If not, they won't. Seems to me it's as simple as that. Anyway, it's not as if that idea is exactly alien to, say, rock and roll. Also, the Hagakure says that the samurai should keep a little container of rouge in his sleeve so that, after a night of hard drinkin', he still looks hale and hearty... So there's precedent!
   What's creepy, though is the mindless anti-masculinity mantra that's infected left, hence popular culture. Oh, and: the idea of a bunch of creepy advertising morons all jacked-up on gender studies pablum influencing what anyone does or thinks...holy God, it's a nightmare.
   Though, to my mind, this sort of stuff isn't all that much weirder than the hyper-masculinity / hyper-femininity stuff that's been the order of the day for...I dunno, twenty years or whatever. I find, e.g., totally jacked/overbuilt ostentatious parodies of manhood to be pretty f'in weird, I've gotta say. Similarly super-duper feminized hyper femininity.
   Incidentally: the power of advertising is, I'd think, something to blame on capitalism, ergo the right, I guess, for anyone keeping score. Wonder what the right will say if advertising goes all in on this anti-masculinity stuff? seems like they'd be in a bind on that one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the Hagakure also says: "When faced with a crisis, if one puts some spittle on his earlobe and exhales deeply through his nose, he will overcome anything at hand. This is a secret matter."

So much for your point of view.

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