Friday, August 10, 2018

Bear Cub Encounter

Out trail runnin' today on Massanothin', and ran up on a black bear cub. It was so diligently engaged in digging for grubs that it didn't notice me even though I was only about 20-30' away. I stopped and just checked him out. Cutest daggum thing ya ever did see. I looked around to check for mama, knowing that you're exactly not supposed to do what I was doing...but lots of visibility, sparse trees, little underbrush, and no sow. I just couldn't get myself to pass up the chance to check the little sucker out, so I indulged myself--though I took out my "bear" spray (actually, a wee person-size thing of pepper spray that I just keep on my water belt because why not?)--only the second time I ever took it out, the first time being last month during the Great Weird Bear Incident...
   Anyway, he noticed me after only about ten or fifteen seconds...which is a lot in looking-at-bears time...and made bee line for a tree and scampered up the other side, then peeked around when he was well up off the ground, with his stupid cute ears and all...stupid adorable bear. Ridiculous thing. So I just sauntered on down the trail, keeping and eye out and doing the "Hey, bear" thing. But never saw mama.
   Also saw a nice little four point buck, and a box turtle trying to eat and/or have sex with a really humongous mushroom.


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