Friday, August 10, 2018

Trump Is Pissed Off About Protesting NFL Players Again

Why's he got such a bug up his ass about this?
   I find it hard to believe that he's all that patriotic.
   To whatever extent these protests are BLM-ish, I think they're predicated on anecdotal evidence and statistical errors.
   But damn, they're about as respectful and civil as you can get. They're IMO a great expression / instantiation of First Amendment rights. Whether the justification for the protest is right or wrong seems to me to be of vastly secondary importance. ('Vastly secondary' is a pretty odd thing to say...but I like it, and it's my blog.)
   I mean, if James Damore should have been fired from Google, then these guys triply ought to get fired...  But these guys oughtn't to get fired...and so...
   Well, actually there's the whole business angle. I do acknowledge that if they were doing significant economic harm to their employer, their employer would be justified in telling them to protest on their own time. But it'd be great if that didn't have to happen.


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