Sunday, August 12, 2018

"Male Pale And Stale" Professors To Be Assigned "Reverse Mentors"

Lemme say again that a whole lot of crazy could be avoided if people and institutions were forced to call things what they actually are.
So these social justice commissars would be called, e.g., "social justice commissars."
Though, of course, calling spades spades is anathema to the PC left.
   I mean, this is really no laughing matter. It's repulsive, hard-left, totalitarian bullshit, and professors should tell Rowe Birmingham to go fuck themselves forthwith. Which is exactly what I would do as soon as I got done laughing in their faces.
   Oh yeah, it's also racist and sexist. But it's way, way more important that it's crazy and stupid.
   And as for:
“What is understood about unconscious bias is that we have all got it, but the more you learn about it and become conscious of it, the more you can act,” he told The Daily Telegraph.
Yeah, no. The unconscious bias crap is just more social justice bullshit. I mean, people do have some biases, of course. Some of those biases are about people. And some of those are about the kinds of things the left is obsessed with. And we're unaware of some of our biases. But we just don't have the kinds of pervasive biases that the academic left wishes that we had. And, perhaps most importantly: the demographic asymmetries in question are not a result of such biases. But until people start calling bullshit on this bullshit, we're just going to get more and more such crackpot shit. 
   Actually, the demographic biases the average person has are very accurate; also, we tend throw them out as soon as we get to know someone and have actual knowledge about them as individuals. Those two things would make social justice heads explode...if they were to ever allow themselves to be exposed to actual facts.
   tl;dr: the PC left is a bunch of crazy, dangerous totalitarians.


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