Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Unintended Flip-Side Of Bad Moral Analogies: Ocasio-Cortez's Catcalling Nonsense Again

Incidentally, that AOC nonsense about challenging someone to a debate being like catcalling is a good opportunity to gesture at the unintended flip-side of such crackpot moral analogies. If challenging someone to a debate is like catcalling, then is it always wrong to challenge people to debates? Well...that can't be right, since we know that it's perfectly permissible to challenge people to debates. So it follows that catcalling is permissible. In fact, there's nothing wrong with it at all. If it really is like challenging someone to a debate, then it's more-or-less always permissible.
   Now, of course: nobody really thinks they're relevantly similar. That would be nuts. It's just a stupid, throw-away line. It's rhetorical chaff. It's a red herring that--given the crazy rules of PC--lets her basically accuse Shapiro of sexual harassment because she's afraid to debate him, because she knows he'd massacre her. PCs do love them some false accusations...
   And, of course, it can't be acting as if you deserve a response that's "just like catcalling." (Note: just like it...not even just like it...) Any time I ask someone a question I'm acting as if I deserve a response. if I ask a student a question in class, I'm acting as if I deserve a response. If I ask "is this seat taken," I'm acting as if I deserve a response. Honestly, two seconds of thought shows how utterly nuts this all is.
   Well, it's a mind-bogglingly stupid thing to say...but more-or-less par for the course on the contemporary left, so it'll just get lost in the constant stream of crazy PC claims. But it is roughly equivalent to saying that catcalling isn't bad. Imagine if someone on the right said that--or said something that entailed that. The fewmets would indeed hit the windmill in that case.


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