Sunday, August 12, 2018

Antifa Shows Up At D.C. White Nationalist Rally, Attacks Police And Bystander, Vandalizes Stuff

Gosh that's weird.
   Despite no violence from the Kessler's legion--The Nearly Two Dozen--Antifa attacks the police, attacks a bystander wearing a MAGA hat, and does some gratuitous vandalism. And that's just what we know about. Oh, and they also give an interview in which they are completely up front about their willingness--nay, eagerness--to violate people's First Amendment rights.
   If you need an ass-kicking worse than the Nazis (...or whatever they are...), then you are doing something wrong.
   If you think Antifa are the good guys, then you (a) don't believe in the First Amendment and (b) are delusional. White supremacists are a tiny, powerless, dying minority of rednecks. Antifa is allowed to openly attack people in order to prevent them from exercising their Constitutional rights--and are at minimum tolerated and often treated like heroes by the "MSM." This Post story was just about as negative about them as any you'll see. So...yay?
   And, as much as I hate counterproductivity arguments: as long as the left continues to openly, enthusiastically vilify white people, and the press continues to go along with it, and continues to turn a blind eye to Antifa's psychotic bullshit, conditions are ripe for an actual resurgence of actual white supremacism. (White supremacism white supremacism--not in the PC variant of the term that just means racism. Actual "white power!"-swastikas-and-ricin white supremacism.) 


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