Sunday, August 12, 2018


...oh...wait...make that nearly two dozen...though the NYT seems to have kept that bit under its hat at first...then allegedly re-wrote the story. (Though, Instapundit, so... per DJ I suppose I should try to check that story out...) But you gotta fuel the "narrative," bro... Next time it could be, like, an entire Waffen SS armor division!!!! YOU DON'T KNOW!!  But, of course, we do know that IT'S BECAUSE TRUMP!!!!!111
   Also, apparently, they weren't Nazis. The Times says 'white supremacist,' Kessler, at least, says 'white nationalist.' I say 'assholes,' but that is apparently not a term they themselves prefer at this time. It's not how they "identify." And we're supposed to respect that, so.
   But you'll note that the cops did manage to keep the crowds separated this time, so that these two dozen very dangerous, somewhat skinny and/or pudgy guys were prevented from attacking and beating up the thousands of counter-protesters who were screaming at them.
   This time around, they were carrying American flags instead of Confederate battle flags and, y'know, Nazi stuff. So good PR move, guys! That's an upgrade! If everybody just forgets about last year, as I'm sure they will any decade now, you should be money.
   But, hey, the white nationalists are winning!!! AND IT'S BECAUSE TRUMP!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!


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