Saturday, April 30, 2022

The Grand Unified Critical Theory

The pomo-progs are still trying to merge climate change apocalypticism and Wuflu hysteria. Two irrational fears are better than one! Never let a good crisis go to waste! Etc.!
But really, both are probably caused by racism, right?
Hmm...but "transphobia!" is so hot right now... Surely that's got to play a role in the GUCT...
Maybe all of it is explained by...and I want to stress that I am not making this up...because somebody else made it up first...and probably got tenure for it:  "transmisogynoir."  i.e.: the oppression of transers who are not only black, but are also dudes pretending to be women.
Well--that's a pretty good start on the GUCT...
But it needs more furries...

The Misinformation Czar Is A Laptop Denier

Everybody is wrong sometimes. But you really couldn't make this up: the misinformation czar promoted one of the most obvious and harmful conspiracy theories in recent years (and that's saying something). 

"When Sex Ed Is A Crime Against Children"

As I often note: if you sent an article like this ten years back in time--let alone twenty--no one would believe it. Even moderate Republicans would likely claim that this was some kind of slightly unbalanced, over-the-top parody of leftism. It's sobering to reflect on the fact that Rick Santorum might be just about the only one who'd believe it...
   Part of the point of all this is to desensitize us to its insanity. The incredulous, outraged, angry reaction we'd all have had ten years ago is the sane one. By now, even I've been desensitized. My outrage and incredulity have been diminished. It's basically impossible to maintain rational levels of incredulity and outrage when you're constantly bombarded by outrageous, incredible assertions and reports. Even the grotesquely abnormal begins to seem routine. Because, of course, it's become routine. Which raises the question: is there anything that the unhinged left can't make ordinary simply by doing it? 
   I used to think I was an unrestricted libertarian about sex and sexuality. But I was, of course, naive. I had no idea how far out the limits might be pushed. 
   The thing about the cultural left is: it never stops. It is inherently expansive. It will always move to normalize the next taboo. Conservatism, for all its failings, at least has a tendency toward stasis and stability. But the internal logic of the left makes its acceptance of madness inevitable--and that has, of course, already happened. See above. This version of the left (a) frenetically, angrily pushes against the boundaries of culture and (b) instantly, dogmatically accepts whatever new idea occurs to it. Each of those is deadly by itself, and in combination they are catastrophic.

The Head of Biden's New Ministry of Disinformation

You really can't make this shit up.

The Taxpayer Con of The Century

 The Dems have gone into a tailspin of stupid.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Biden's Ministry of Truth

From the people who brought you HUNTER'S LAPTOP IS ROOSKIE LIES...

Bad News For The Durham Investigation

link   Obama-appointed judge says Durham can't use HRC's tweets as evidence.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Rove: How Badly Will the Democrats Lose the Midterm Elections?

Personally, I think they'll lose them very well.

Merit, Fairness and Equality: Abbot and Merinovic on MFE

Scott Yenor: Exposing Social Justice Ideology in Higher Education

This should be done at every university and in every state.

Luttwak: How The Ukraine War Must End

I don't deserve an opinion on this, but it's along the lines of what I've been thinking. And Luttwak speaks with some authority.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Politically Correct Movie Reviews: The Northman

Technofog: Durham's Latest: He Has Hundreds of Emails Between Fusion GPS and Reporters

This Clip Will, In Actual Fact, Make Your Jaw Drop Open

Monday, April 25, 2022

TXMF Guardsman Drowns Trying to Save Illegal Aliens in the Rio Grande; Turns Out They're Drug Smugglers

 Damn this is a depressing story.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Ibram Kendi's Terrible, No Good Very Bad (Non-)Argument

 Yeah, there is no unique argument satisfying that description. But what I have in mind is this big, steaming pile of fallacy:
A racist policy is any measure that produces or sustains racial inequity between racial groups. An antiracist policy is any measure that produces or sustains racial equity between racial groups. By policy, I mean written and unwritten laws, rules, procedures, processes, regulations, and guidelines that govern people. There is no such thing as a nonracist or race-neutral policy. Every policy in every institution in every community in every nation is producing or sustaining either racial inequity or equity between racial groups.
   The fact that the entire progressive left seems to have adopted this laughably terrible argument tells you a lot about our current predicament. Worse, actually: it's normally treated as if it means that there's no non-racist anything at all. Which is utterly absurd.
   Of course most things in life, the universe, and everything are neither racist nor antiracist. Most things are nonracist without being antiracist. Quarks. Proxima Centauri. Trees. Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Water. Force. Mass. My left arm. And so on. 
   So that seemingly-widely-accepted extension of Kendi's argument is ridiculous.
   Kendi himself expands the argument to people without fanfare. Of course that's absurd, too. Undoubtedly vast numbers of people in human history haven't been racist but haven't been particularly against it. Most people in the neolithic probably didn't even know there were multiple races. Even by the IdP left's own lights many people were non- but not anti-, because, according to them, race was an Enlightenment invention. Prior to that fictional invention, it wasn't possible to be either pro- or anti-. 
   And, of course, it's possible for a time-slice of a person--a person-at-a-moment--to be neither. (And: a nonracist person is just a person made up of sufficiently many such time-slices.)
   The same would go for organizations and institutions.
   The same stuff is true of policies. 
   First: racist policy is mainly an intentional matter, not a matter of actual effects. The collection of policies that comprised the War on Poverty were antiracist  in intention--but racist (or "racist") in actual effects. Depolicing may be against racism in intention, but it's racist in effect. Kendi has to say such policies are racist--but he ought to count that as a reductio
   Furthermore, of course, as with any such definition that makes status depend purely on actual effects: for most policies, we don't know whether they're racist or not, since we don't know what their ultimate sum total of effects will be. Are late fees at public libraries racist or antiracist? In fact: neither. According to Kendi's view: humans will never know...
   Finally, Kendi has to say that the fate/status of policies that have basically no effect on racism at all is left to chance. That's what most policies are like, of course. But, under the (absurd) assumption that no policy is nonracist, the moral status of every in-fact-simply-not-racist policy is left, per Kendi, up to a coin-toss. Or, rather: lots of coin-tosses. Ultimately (under the absurd assumption), the policy of charging late fees at the library will either increase or decrease racism. Perhaps, via some circuitous conjunction of events, late fees cause some medical researcher to opt to check out fewer books, and this ultimately leads to an inordinate number of Aboriginal deaths...racism!
   And none of that even addresses questions of matters of degree...
  Finally: that "argument" isn't even an argument, but merely an (absurd) assertion.
  Bottom line: it's crap.

DeSantis Signs Bill Limiting Tenure At FL Universities

I'm not wild about this.
But something has to be done to save the university.
And obviously faculty is not going to do it--they're the source of the rot and madness. 

Love, Davis, Bacot, Black All Returning for UNC

Fossil Fuels' Forthright Defender

Toby Rice, CEO of EQT.
Pretending that we face the apocalypse leads to this kind of bad policy--e.g. eschewing real solutions like natural gas in favor of sci-fi "solutions" like solar that simply will not work.

Park MacDougald: The Last of the Conservative Elite

   My current view on populism is roughly: it is, in an important sense, intrinsically neither good nor bad. Whether it's good or bad depends on the ideas of the people and of the elites. Currently, our elites are the progressive elites. Period. And they are effectively insane. Period. I don't seem to know many ordinary people anymore. But I grew up a normal person among normal people. Unless they, too, have completely lost their shit in the last thirty years, it would, indeed, be better to be governed by the first 2,000 people named in the phone book than by the Harvard University faculty... (Note: maybe not Boston. But at least e.g. Witchita or some other such place...)
   Also I rather disagree with MacDougald on Trump, unsurprisingly. Yes, he's a man of many failings. But Biden and Clinton and any plausible Democrat would be worse. Not stylistically, but substantively. And people need to suck it up with respect to their inability to see beyond the stylistic nonsense. Biden is substantively a catastrophe--as I knew and said he would be. Mainly because there's not enough of him left to stand up against the Woketarian cult. And: the left is the one prosecuting the culture war. Trump was a counterpunch. It's tantamount to surrender to say Well, we can't have him again or the left will--again--refuse to allow him to govern. I mean: don't want him again. But I think it's madness to be more averse to Trump's personal failings than to [Name any Dem likely to win the nomination]'s substantive failings. It baffles me that no one thinks that Russiagate (or, more propertly: Russiagategate) is worse than Trump. Because it was. Just to name one thing...
   Anyway. Worth a read.

Is Biden Playing 4-Dimensional Chess in Ukraine?

I'm skeptical, of course, but maybe.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Jeremy Carl: Refusing What You Are: The Evil Of Pediatric Transgenderism

I've read many such pieces, but this one is unusually good, IMO.
   I've said this before, but: this insanity reminds me of the Satanic Panic. Except this time, the sexual mutilation of children is real. And it's being conducted by the state. And progressives. And the elite establishment. And parents. And the people going to jail and being threatened with such are not accused of doing it, but of trying to stop it.
   Of all the insane things I've seen in the U.S. in my lifetime, I think this is the most insane.
   And it's not some lunatic fringe; progressivism and the Democrats are all in. It's a central plank in their platform. It was on Biden's "Day 1" agenda. 
   Carl has a good thought toward the end (though he doesn't quite state both halves of it). Nietzsche encouraged each of us to become who you are. Transanity's main message (Foucaultian in origin, Carl claims) is something like refuse who you are.

"I Did Not Have Children To Bestow Unto Them A Dying Planet"

Well, I should hope not.
But the planet isn't dying. 
Neither is humanity. 
Stop with the maudlin melodrama.
Progressivism is inherently literary and/ergo inherently unserious. Literary interpretation seeks to be flamboyant, and it uses dodgy re-interpretation to obfuscate refutation. 
It would be pseudoscience...if it even rose to that level.

J. Peder Zane: Democrat's Long March Through the Institutions Unlikely to Be Derailed by Electoral Losses

 I regretfully agree:
   The short answer is that progressives are content to bank their gains – e.g., the Great Society programs and Obamacare – and then wait until the Republican Party overplays its own hand so thoroughly that Democrats get another window of opportunity. During temporary reigns, Democrats often produce permanent results.
   Today, however, as their midterm prospects dim toward full eclipse, Democrats are in denial mode. The current line is that they never supported defunding the police. They never favored teaching critical race theory in schools. And they have never, ever supported open borders.
   A skilled lawyer could parse the strict meaning of these words so they do not seem laughably false. But the intent of Democrats’ policies is clear. The “criminal justice reforms” pushed by progressive prosecutors (along with Biden’s election year declaration that “nobody should be in a jail for a nonviolent crime”), the administration’s fierce commitment to equity instead of equality, and the flood of migrants Biden has resettled through secret flights across the land belie the spin.
   Irrespective of how Joe Biden positioned himself while campaigning in 2020, the reality is that his government is staffed with ideologues who believe America is a deeply racist oligarchy that only serves the interests of rich white men. This mindset explains two contradictory actions the Biden administration has recently taken concerning COVID. On the one hand, it has decided to lift a Trump-era pandemic-related restriction on migrants (Title 42) – thereby allowing innumerable more people who might carry the virus to cross into our country – because, it claims, the health crisis no longer demands it. On the other hand, even as Democrats assert that the economy is “roaring back,” the administration is extending the moratorium on student loan repayment because, the president says, “we are still recovering from the pandemic and the unprecedented economic disruption it caused."
OTOH, it's clear that Biden has been a great boon to the cult. So it seems hard to believe that electoral losses don't impede it.  They're just not enough to defeat it. So long as the left-wing intelligentsia controls academia and remains religiously committed to its antirational and antiwestern project, electoral losses probably won't be sufficient to defeat it. But they may be necessary--or nearly so.
   For those who are confounded by such notions, it may be comforting to believe that a few election cycles can reverse the trends. This is wishful thinking. We are not in the midst of a political moment but, instead, a deeply rooted cultural revolution which will not be extirpated easily.
   To appreciate its depth, get a copy of Thomas Sowell’s indispensable masterwork, “The Vision of the Anointed.” Published in 1995, it could have been written today as it details the intentions and strategies of the left. Among other things, it reveals how contemporary concerns about victim culture, virtue signaling, and the rewriting of history as exemplified by the New York Times’ 1619 Project (and the demonization of all who oppose the project as racists, fundamentalists, and extremists) have a long pedigree. Their purpose, he writes, is “a constant indoctrination of new attitudes.”
   The left has constructed a kind of social mechanism for dismantling Americanism and Western civilization generally. Trump, for all his flaws, was a monkey wrench in that machine. Electing Biden was analogous to removing the wrench and lubricating the gears. Now the thing has revved up and is running like a top. We need more wrenches--and that's what winning the House in November will provide. It's not nothing.
   Ultimately, we need to take the machine apart in order to win. But, for now, wrenches are better than nothing.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Nick Gillespie Interviews Jay Bhattacharya on Batflu Madness

Pretty early on I found myself agreeing with Bhattacharya. A lot. Of course I'm the farthest thing there is from being an expert about such stuff. But it was clear from relatively early in 2020 that the COVID orthodoxy was going off the rails. And the Great Barrington Declaration was, so far as I could tell, eminently sane. I tried to talk sense to friends and colleagues when they started drinking the Kool-Aid. But soon it became clear that it wasn't worth it. I was like a fourth-rate, amateur Bhattacharya in a tiny pond. At every point I've tried to soften the most extreme of the bad reactions of my department and university--always to no avail. In fact, so far as I can tell, almost no one mired in the progressive fever swamp even acknowledges they were wrong about anything about COVID. My university shut down in-person classes for over a year and just now dropped the last of its mask deaths from COVID: one. A later-middle-age faculty-member. Zero students. And we're a fairly large university. It still hasn't recovered. Now we're paying the price for high school shut-downs--our freshmen this year don't know how to school. They basically don't come to class, don't say anything, don't do anything. Just about everyone agrees that they seem, overall, to be damn near a lost cause.

Rufo: Gender Gibberish Is, In Fact, Being Taught To First-Graders

Progressives keep denying it...but, let's face it, they lie about everything.

Biden Admin Aims to Save Nuclear Plants to Fight Climate Change

Finally, something that makes sense.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Your Blue Future: Why Twitter Shut Down Libs Of TikTok

Because if people understood how truly insane progressives are becoming, it could be the end of the movement.
And remember: I don't hold a faction's lunatic fringe against it.. But this isn't so much the lunatic fringe as the vanguard or cutting edge.

Lexington and Concord

 247 years ago today.

The Terrible, Terrible Freedom of Ending Mask Mandates; or: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

John Tierney at CJ: Maskaholics

I'm not objective about masks anymore. I'm way too fed up with progressive bullshit. And I mean that both personally and professionally. The left is Lysenkoist, and--aside from my personal fed-upedness--I'm professionally obligated to oppose Lysenkoism (or prope-Lysenkoism if you prefer). 
Progressivism has lost its mind.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Biden Was Not "Shaking Hands With The Air"

Even the "fact"-checkers get it right sometimes.
This is just dumb.
Are you jackasses blind?
Did you not watch the video?
Even in the target-rich environment of the Biden administration, conservatives can't resist the urge to make shit up.

Bill Hurrell: The Pathological Nature Of Wokeness

I think there's some truth in this, but I'm not sure how much. 
I've heard this theory before--seems unlikely, but who knows?: woketarian insanity has its roots in Tumblr; Tumblr has its roots in the tv show Glee.
Also, plausibly: woketarianism is mainly a female pathology.

Bannon: Biden Will Be Impeached

It's Bannon...but this is looking genuinely plausible.

Mark P. Mills: The Coming Green Energy Inflation

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Shawnee State U. Philosophy Prof Punished For Refusing To Misuse Pronouns Wins $400k Settlement

Techno Fog: "CIA Bombshell: Sussman Data Was User-Created"

I'll tediously point out once again: the MSM took every loony, implausibly, barely-supported allegation "linking" Trump to Russia, spun it up into an earthshattering "revelation," and shouted it from the rooftops.
Conversely, now that we have actual, substantial evidence that Democrats perpetrated the most astonishing political hoax in American history, the MSM is silent. Worse than silent. They drag their feet as long as possible, ridicule and deny any allegation that it's no longer possible to ignore, and label it all a "conspiracy theory." Which, technically, it is--it's a theory about a conspiracy...a more and more well-justified theory about a conspiracy.
And, as usual, a massive percentage of progressives and Democrats are willing participants, so locked into groupthink and a "curated" worldview that none of this even seems to register.
I suppose I never thought I'd see something I'd find an order of qualitude worse than the WMD lie-up to Iraq.
I suppose I was wrong.
Conservatives have been right about almost all of this, almost from the beginning. 
And for quite some time I've been saying that it's been game, set and match: conservatives. 
But "facts don't real" to progressives. 
The craziest conservative sub-theory about all of this is that Dems were involved in the murder--or assassination?--of Seth Rich. The theory is that Rich downloaded the data from DNC servers that would have blown the Russiagate hoax wide open. 
I take it that Techno Fog's final sentence is gesturing in the direction of this theory. What could have been so important that it would drive Sussman & co. to risk their cushy, masters-of-the-universe careers, freedom, and lives in the way they seem to have?
Of course the hypothesis is crazy.
Utterly, completely crazy.
The problem, really, is that the evidence seems to be tending in such an insane direction that even the Rich assassination hypothesis no longer seems beyond the pale. 
I don't believe that hypothesis is true. Of course I'd bet a lot of money against it.
But the fact that it can no longer be dismissed with certainty is horrifying in itself.

WSJ: The Eternal COVID Emergency

Saturday, April 16, 2022


Of course, I paraphrase.
Oh, least we always know what we're gettin' from you...

Friday, April 15, 2022

Border Agents Did Not Whip Illegals

It was always obvious that this was just another delusional progressive tale about evil America. 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Jesse Singal: NYT vs. Substack / The Crazy Lies Are So Pervasive That It Almost Makes No Sense To Fight Them

These are the kinds of lies that are now just part of the air we breathe when we come in contact with the PMSM. Good for Singal. But, honestly, the lies and distortions he's talking about just don't even move the meter anymore. These are like GamerGate-level lies--once upon a time they might have been outrageous. Now, so long as progressives aren't outright demanding that we publicly affirm that night is day or 2+2=5 or Kindergarteners should have to dress in drag at least half the time...we just have to kinda let whatever they are doing pass. Their capacity for lies and insanity exceeds our capacity to expose them. I mean--don't give up! But crazy lies are easy to tell; much harder to refute.

The Progressive Left Has Lost Its Mind: Musk/Twitter Edition

Frank James, NYT Subway Shooter: The Ol' Double-Reverse Super-Stealth White Supremacy Strikes Again

Imagine the mayhem he could have caused if he had one a' them self-driving SUVs like in Waukesha...
Yet again we have a black, avowed anti-white racist...but, y'know, his motives are totally I guess we'll never know...

Sunday, April 10, 2022

"Trans" "Science": Incompetence or Fraud?

Lysenkoism, actually--which includes a bit of both:
Even a casual look at the paper reveals trivial flaws. A deeper look reveals a fundamental lack of understanding for what science is. The process did not work. This would have been given a failing grade if it was written by a high schooler. I’ve seen much higher quality papers be fully retracted. This one has not even been corrected despite ample opportunity. So where exactly is the line between incompetence and fraud?
I don’t know. Perhaps the original paper was a result of incompetence, and the handling of it after this became apparent is fraud. Perhaps it’s incompetence throughout, with a healthy dose of delusion on the part of the authors. But where is the editor in all of this? Why has this mess not been cleaned up? Why has the editor allowed the situation to reach a state where the credibility of the complete staff and process is falling apart? I certainly don’t have answers, and I doubt they do either. They certainly haven’t responded to my attempts to get answers from them.
Perhaps it is the wrong question to ask in the first place — it doesn’t actually matter if it’s a result of incompetence or fraud. The reality of the matter is that this is normal in this field. You’ll find it in every journal, from every discipline. Something about this field makes people lose their heads. It’s very rare to read a paper and not have to ask yourself if it’s out of ignorance or malice.
Welcome to trans research. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Saturday, April 09, 2022

The Sad Demise Of Jon Stewart

Stock: The Fictional World Of Trans Activism

One of her best pieces on transanity.

Two Acquitted in Whitmer "Kidnapping" Entrapment Case

Kathleen Stock: How Philosophy Sacrificed The Truth

This is exactly right.
Academic philosophy in the U.S. has become an embarrassment to itself.

Bob Cousey on--Along With Chuck Cooper--Encountering Segregation For The First Time


The Walls Are Closing In On Biden

Those walls never quite managed to close on Trump...everything was, of course either radically exaggerated or outright made up. The media basically handed Biden the White House by suppressing and lying about the Hunter-laptop story. But now the truth is coming out, and it isn't pretty. And the administration doesn't know what to do.

Yet Another Bullshit Anti-Trump Story Retracted

Well...reluctantly and belatedly "corrected" by the now-pretty-much-totally-bullshit Washington Post.

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Simon Evans: The Sad Demise Of John Stewart

I haven't had the heart to watch this yet...but this is like the third thing I've read on it, and I see no grounds for optimism. I just dread seeing this happen to Stewart. I realized long ago that he was not as admirable as I once fact, nothing like it. He's still a likable guy--or was. But it certainly sounds like he's gone over to the Dumb Side.

Peter Kalmus: "Climate Scientists Are Desperate--We're Crying, Begging and Being Arrested"

I'm sorry, buddy. I know you mean well. Though I'm a mere philosopher, I used to basically feel like you seem to feel. 
Thing is, I just don't believe your main conclusion anymore.
I've read quite a bit about it--read stuff that's available to reasonably intelligent laypeople, anyway--and I just don't believe you anymore.
I mean, I believe that you're--forgive me--hysterical about it. I just don't believe you're right.
So far as I can tell, it is simply false to say that we face a near-term climate catastrophe. So far as I can tell, we face a longish-term problem. Or challenge--I thought you-all liked that term? And there is exactly no possibility that we will do the things the hysteriacs want us to do. China, India and the third world aren't going to go along with it--nor should they. They'd be relegating themselves to poverty.
We should be addressing this longish-term problem-not-catastrophe rationally: using nuclear, fracking, doing R&D. 
The main lesson to be learned here is--and will continue to be--that the radical progressive left cannot be trusted. Whenever they adopt a new aspect of their religion, they manufacture a crisis to coerce us to adopt their faith. Race--crisis! Police violence--crisis! Climate change--crisis! Sexual harassment--crisis! Transgenderism--crisis! It's all part of their general strategy of stifling debate. It's the old Come with me--no time to explain! movie trope. 
Anyway, I've made this prediction many times: when their next set of deadlines--three years! Five years! Seven years! Ten years!--passes without achieving their crazy goals, they will not say: Whelp, that's it. We told you that if we didn't act in x years, it would be too late. Not it's too late. We might as well make the best of our remaining years. I hope you're happy. That will never happen. They will milk this "crisis" as long as they can, always extending the deadline juuust enough to keep the "impending crisis" impending. Eventually they'll manufacture a different environmental crisis and abandon warming just like they abandoned cooling. In fact, they may just go back to cooling. Hell, why not? They seem to be able to get away with saying whatever they want. And, of course, they have all their fictional social crises still boiling away.

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Carolina 69 - Kansas 72

Congrats to both teams. Carolina's been playing amazingly well for over a month now. Sputtered and collapsed for the first five minutes of the second half--which of course you can't do in the final game--nor against a team like KU. After that it was anybody's game, and the Heels just weren't on. Bacot hobbling around, Manek possibly concussed after that elbow to the head...and Caleb, God love 'im, missing 3s right and left. Came down to a coin toss, and we didn't win it. 
Great team. I consistently underestimated them this year.
Still a goddamned GDTBATH!

Monday, April 04, 2022

Go Tar Heels

Beat them Jayhawks!

Sunday, April 03, 2022

Top Gun II to Feature F-14 vs. Su-57 Dogfight?

Look, I mean, that sounds cool as shit, and I am absolutely down with that ridiculous plot device...but it's pretty ridiculous not to stick with the F-18, which might actually stand a snowball's chance. 
Also, we're going to have to hear about this from the F-14 fanboys.

Carolina 81 - Duke 77

First of all, that was a great game, and I said that out loud to myself standing in front of the tv with about two minutes to go, even though I thought we were gonna lose. The fouls were stacking up, they were in the bonus, Mando had fouled out... And the only reason we had so many fouls on us is that we fouled a lot... That's one of the only ways to stop those guys--especially Banchero. Still a great college basketball game.
   Anyway, props to Duke and to K. In fact, weirdly, I'm actually a little sad to see K go. 
   And, of course, props to the Heels who are, needless to say, exceeding expectations. We are, you may recall, unranked...
   Anyway. We can talk about dropping The Big One...twice...rivalry-wise some other time.

Hark The Sound!


Saturday, April 02, 2022

Go Tar Heels

And go to hell Duke.

Doomsday Is Upon Us

Looks like they're saying that Carolina has about a 38.5% chance of winning.
I guess that sounds about right to me.

Go Tar Heels

Rufo: Disney Has A (Prurient) Interest In Your Kids

Not only do they not hide it, they proclaim it.