Sunday, August 11, 2019

Steven Novella: "Some Climate-Change Cherry-Picking"

Sounds plausible to me. The recent stuff about electric cars made me suspect this stuff.
Here are a couple of recent examples, both of which involve some subtle cherry picking. The first has to do with electric cars, which are frequently opposed by the denialists, in that they oppose subsidies to help bootstrap the market. This involves the “solution aversion” aspect of climate change denial – deniers are really motivated by the proposed solutions to climate change, which goes against either their politics or other interests.
Dunno whether he's saying that solution aversion drives all "deniers"...that would be false. (Also: "deniers.") But there's no doubt in my mind that it drives some of them a lot, and a lot of them some. Of course the flip side of that would be something like solution-partiality: an inclination to antecedently favor the alleged solutions, and, thus, to be overly-accepting of climate catastrophism, and to use it as a stalking horse--a means to achieve the real end, the solution (or "solution") that's desired on other grounds. There's no doubt that this drives a lot of the catastrophism-acceptance on the left. It clearly drives the Green New Deal. That's basically all the Green New Deal is. People already want solar and hate nuclear, so...etc. Throwing school lunches, guaranteed basic income, affordable housing, "free college" and the rest of the laundry list of progressive social preferences into the thing is an even lower level of cheating.
   Anyway, aside from that stuff: Novella's points are worth knowing about, IMO.


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