Monday, July 08, 2019

Great Moments In Gaslighting: Why Do Conservatives Imagine That Liberals Support Antifa?

I mean...ever since Antifa burst on the scene here, a couple of years ago, it's seemed to me that the left tends to support them. Antifa is composed of leftists, they have leftist attitudes and goals, their vocal supporters are leftists, and the farther left you go on the spectrum, the less concerned people seem to be about them--and the less commonly they seem to criticize them. (I simply assume that we're talking about something like a normal distribution of attitudes.) Is there any real doubt that centrist liberals/progressives are more likely to reject Antifa--but the farther we go to the left, the less criticism and more support we find? Those on the left certainly criticize Antifa less than do those on the right. (Rather as those on the right criticize right-wing militias less than do those on the left.) At any rate, there's rather clearly a range of attitudes--no one would claim that everyone on the left supports the neo-Blackshirts...but it seems to me that active support reaches surprisingly far into the mainstream left (including academia and the media) and a lack of interest in criticizing them reaches even farther. One way to put it: attitudes about Antifa lie on a spectrum, and, on the left, those attitudes are dramatically shifted in a positive direction--there's more positive support than there ought to be, more lukewarm defense than there ought to be, more indifference than there ought to be, less opposition than there ought to be. 


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