Saturday, July 06, 2019

The Progressive Media's Predictions About Trump's 7/4 Celebration

Sometimes there are predictions in politics.
I'll say it again: currently, many progressives seem to live in a fantasy world of their own collective making. They are wrong over and over again, especially about Trump, and they always err in the same direction--that of thinking that he is much, much worse than he actually is.
Also: it's not just about Trump. See: Russiagate (well..that's about Trump...), the UVa/Rolling Stone rape hoax, the Covington kids, Jussie Smolette...the list, it expands explosively by the week...
The leading edge of progressivism is the Moral Majority of the twenty teens, mentally inhabiting a fantastically superstitious worldview and trying to force its implications on the rest of us.
These 7/4 predictions about Trump are just the latest batch of paranoiac fantasies.
Yet again I say: I'm not against criticizing the real Trump, who is deserving of much criticism. But straw-Trump hysteria is an epidemic.


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