Saturday, July 06, 2019

Soave: How Antifa's Apologists Fell In Love With Street Violence

I really like Soave, but one weird thing about this is that, at crucial points, he--like so many on the moderate left--relies on counterproductivity arguments, and on noting similarities between Antifa and the extreme right. The message lurking there seems to be: it's not enough that Anifa is the extreme left--an anti-liberal totalitarian gang that relishes mob violence; the real kicker is that they're like the extreme right. I don't mean to bust on Soave, but it does concern me that even people who pretty clearly see how bad radical leftists are seem to, at some level, think that the radical right is worse--which is why the real coup de grace always seems to involve an analogy to the radical right. Or perhaps it's just a rhetorical move aimed at the (seemingly very large) part of the left that thinks such a thing. Or maybe the irony is just irresistible.


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