Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Trumpifying The 4th

I got nuthin'
Viewed in a certain way, this sort of thing looks minor--thus far. Are there really only going to be two Abramses and two Bradleys, just sitting there on display on the mall? Because that's so much better than a column of tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue that I hardly know how to express my relief. But this could have all just been left alone, left as we've come to expect. There's just no reason for Trump to trumpify it in this way. He could have good intentions, I suppose. He could make a good speech--he did so at the D-Day remembrance. But this seems like just another step in a not-terribly-good, kinda banana republicky direction.
   The real Trump is so much less-bad than the straw Trump invented by progressives that it's hard to keep the...sub-optimality...of the real Trump in perspective--IMO, anyway. But damn, I'm just not wild about how this is shaping up. Seems like it's on a trajectory toward significant trumpery. I'm rooting for him--I'd be extremely pleased to see him give a great speech that takes a step toward a less freakishly abnormal state of the nation. But that is, of course, not what I'm expecting.


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