Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Zakaria: It Pains Me To Say This, But Trump Was Right About The Asylum System

Of course he was. This isn't rocket science--not in its broad outlines, anyway. Conservatives are righter than progressives about so many things currently because progressivism has lurched so wildly to the left. Lurching drunkenly in either direction lands you with stupid policies and positions. The right has done it in the past, the left is doing it now.
   And what drives the lurch? Of course I say: political correctness. That's to say: the subordination of objective observation, reasoning etc. to political dogma. PC guarantees lunacy and radicalization.
   In the specific case, we're talking (basically) about a choice between (a) a good-faith effort to enforce our established, generous immigration system and (b) a spiraling decent into an open-borders madness...without so much as a real discussion. And that last bit is, in a way, my main objection about what's happening: the left is insisting on the immediate radicalization of the country without discussion. Disagreeing is, needless to say, racist or the moral equivalent thereof.
   When one faction skews so extreme as to get things that wrong, it becomes easy for the other faction to be righter simply by not rushing headlong toward a crazy extreme.


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