Sunday, July 07, 2019

Gun Nuts On The Totalitarian Left?

We're used to right-wing extremists larping around in the woods with ARs playing militia...but are Antifa and others on the totalitarian left starting to gun up? 'Til now they've mostly stuck to bike locks, shit bombs and pepper spray...but that may be changing.
   Really, consider taking a look at that delusional piece. It's another indication of how far the New Republic has fallen...and of how disconnected the moonbat media has become.
   The wingnut militias have mostly threatened to use violence only if the government violates the Constitution or becomes otherwise oppressive. (Not that I think their judgment about such things can be trusted; I imagine the militias intersect a bit with the set of people who thought Obama was the Antichrist...) Though every now and then some nutjob on the right flips his shit and shoots a bunch of people. So there's that. 
   Antifa is already out there using violence fairly routinely as a means to accomplish its political ends. It's a bit hard to believe that they could add guns to that mix and still be allowed to do what they do. But who knows? With the indulgence of progressive cities and the support of the media...well...maybe they could. Though so many progressives are resolutely anti-firearm that might tip them against the group. 
   Of course this could just be a few lefties on Twitter talking big. It may not amount to anything significant.


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