Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"A Century Of Findings On Intellectual Precocity: Some Highlights"

Some highlights of the highlights:
   The recently popular notion that IQ > 120 has little incremental utility is dead false. Even small differences in IQ predict significant differences in creative output and odds of having a top-tier income.
   Not stated, but implied: Multifactor theories of intelligence are bunk. To a good first approximation there is only g. Otherwise the shapes of the bottom four outcome curves in Figure 3 would have to be more divergent than they are.
   “g, fluid reasoning ability, general intelligence, general mental ability, and IQ essentially denote the same overarching construct”
   “if graduation from college were based on demonstrated knowledge rather than time in the educational system, a full 15% of the entering freshmen class would be deemed ready to graduate.”
   “Failure to provide for differences among students is perhaps the greatest source
of inefficiency in education.”
   A marked characteristic of the profoundly gifted is “willingness to work long hours.”


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