Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Trumpapalooza: The Independence Day Speech / Extravaganza

I finally watched the rest of Trump's 4th of July speech. It struck me as kind of a microcosm of his presidency. The sum of the thing was much better than I anticipated, mostly because other people were doing their jobs well--in this case, the speechwriters. And it was about an order of magnitude better than the MSM and the commentariat assured us it would be. When I searched for the video, most of the results I got were either predictions of catastrophe or after-action reports to the effect that it was, in fact, catastrophic. Predictions were of a Soviet-style armor parade--one dude even said something about resemblances to Tiananmen Square. TDS is a plague on the land. (I've actually become worried about Amanda Marcotte...she's become so unhinged that even I can't take any pleasure from it.) In short, my low expectations made the thing look pretty damn good by comparison, and the MSM's hysteria made it look like the Gettysburg Address.
   Trump's a terrible speaker, obviously. Obama would have hit it out of the park with that speech--though I didn't think it was exceptionally well-written or anything. Hell, Dubya would have hit a triple with it. Trump reads like an ill-prepared junior high kid. It's downright painful to listen to. Then there was that uber-cringey bit that seemed to get the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and WWII mixed up--something about the Continental Army taking airfields around Fort McHenry or some such. I actually physically cringed at that bit. No idea what was up with that. The media is trying to pretend that Trump thinks there were airplanes during the Revolution. TDS again. I'd guess he may not be too clear on the difference between the War for Independence and the War of 1812, though. Not that many Americans are...
   Unsurprisingly, the USAF won the flyover...two Raptors and a contest...unless we count the freakin' BLUE ANGELS at the end... If that counts as a part of their flyover, then Navy wins!...but I'm inclined to count it as a whole different thing. My guess is that negotiations between the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels were pretty short and went something like this:
USAF: Hey, we'd like to do that end part.
USN: Dude, you're gonna win the flyover. C'mon.
USAF: Good point. You guys take the finale.
   Anyway, I'm not super-wild about making the 4th centrally about the military. I prefer an emphasis on the Revolution and early national period...but it's kind of a militaristic holiday, and it was within specs. I'd rather Trump get off the stage for it. But, again, it was all within specs. And, as much as I've come to detest the term, it was a fairly "inclusive" flyover of American history. Again, all within specs.
   So overall: I'd say Trumpapalooza gets maybe a C+ or even possibly a B-. Progressive hysteria--but I repeat myself--made the actual item seem like an A...or, I guess, actually like an infinitely high A, in virtue of it not having been...and you know where this is going...a DPRK funky get-down juche party...


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