Monday, August 12, 2019

Is It Racist To Think That White Guys Commit A disproportionate Number Of Mass Shootings?

   I thought that was true until I saw the studies I linked to previously. Of course there's the tendency among the leftier progressives to want to blame white guys at every opportunity--they're probably racists. But I think ordinary folk probably ought to think that white guys commit just about all of them. That's what it looks like if you just follow the news. They tend to commit the most ostentatious ones. Not every mistake people make about race is racist. Most probably aren't, I'd bet.
   Also, there seem to be other studies indicating that they do commit a disproportionate number. My sense is that we're not exactly sure, and that much of the question hinges on the definition of mass shooting. Too bad this is a conversation that's even on the table--obviously.


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