Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rush Limbaugh, Troll / Lesbians are Obese Drunks

Thing about this dude is that he is the perfect combination of stupid, evil, dishonest and greedy to make a fortune demagoguing.

He's a mean sonofabitch, so he's fairly adept at sitting around thinking up loathsome things to say about people, he's not very smart so he's not overwhelmed by the recognition of the preposterous consequences of what he says, he's dishonest, so he has no intellectual conscience to speak of, ergo he can turn a blind eye to the obvious idiocy of what he says, and he's driven by an unquenchable appetite for money and approval--the approval of other pigshits such as himself, that is.

He's really just a radio troll, spewing out sentences that might as well be randomly generated. He is immune to reason, and happy as a, well, pig in shit to be pecking away at the, shall we say, intellectually most vulnerable among us, making the country just a little bit worse every day. He's a bit like Tokyo Rose, though he's trying to attack the nation's rationality rather than it's morale. His nonsense is so idiotic that it just nauseates folks like you and me...but there are people out there with a marginal grip on reality who are gripped by his nonsense. You've got to have a mean streak (and/or a stupid streak) a mile wide to be drawn to Rush's delusional word salad...but in a country of 300 million people...well, there's apparently a lot of 'em...

Of course there have been more evil people in the history of the world...but it really is rather difficult to think of anybody who's a significantly bigger piece of shit than Limbaugh. What kind of guy is willing to build an entire career debasing himself? He might as well just sit there and say "I am an idiot" over and over, because that's all any of it really amounts to.


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