Sunday, March 24, 2013

Go Duke, Beat Creighton

There, I said it.

I haven't had to root for d00que since '91 when they faced played the loathsome UNLV. That was hard. I was actually kinda rooting for the scoreboard.

To fall.

And crush both teams horribly.

Not really.

Ha ha!

Ees joke!

Not something I would ever actually wish for!

Anyway. Creighton played dirty last year, virtually assaulting Henson, and, ultimately, breaking Marshall's wrist (and, as it turns out, his elbow, too). I think we had a good chance of taking out Kentucky, but it all ended when Marshall was knocked to the floor by a hard foul on that layup. Even if that hadn't been the end of our season, I'd be anti-Creighton for, like, ever. The wink to the bench by that Gibbs kid sealed the deal.

And Duke's not that bad this year. Right? Right? Krzyzyzyzyzyzwvwvwski seems to be inching in a less-bad direction--I think he may have been bitten by a human or something. And that Rivers kid is gone. So... Well. Just go with me on this...

Ok, so: go Duke, beat Creighton.


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