Sunday, March 24, 2013

Carolina 58-KU 70

On a down year, an undersized Carolina team with no inside game to speak of, playing in KU's back yard, ran rings around them for more than a half, running them into the ground and even outrebounding them for a good part of the first half.

If only they could have hit something--anything--they'd have won the game.

But they just couldn't.

I lost count of the missed layups in the first half. Kansas was on the ropes, and Carolina was playing loose, getting good shots...but they just wouldn't go in. Then the second half came around, and KU raised its game a notch while the Heels still just couldn't hit.

And that was it.

A maximally painful game, since I expected it to be no contest. Instead, the Heels put themselves up big, and then just could not hold onto it. PJ was just ice cold, and, given that, it's a freaking miracle that it wasn't a blow out.


A really unpleasant game to watch.


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