Monday, November 12, 2012

Your Vote for an iPad

So I was talking to an older acquaintance of mine last week, and he allowed as how his was probably the only family in the neighborhood going for Obama. He told me that his wife knew that several of the neighborhood women were not going to vote, because their husbands were for Romney, and they felt like they could neither vote for him, nor contradict their husband's votes.

Crazy, eh?

The most amazing story, however, was that one of the neighborhood women was voting for Romney because her husband had promised to buy her an iPad if she did so.

Amazing, almost as much for the background suggestion that the husband gets to decide what his wife can and can't purchase as for the vote-buying...and selling. One hardly knows what to say.


Blogger Pete Mack said...

That doesn't sound crazy; that sounds like a guy one short step away from domestic violence.

Ad who wants an iPad anyway, when Android and Windows 8 touch devices are both cheaper and cooler?


11:45 PM  
Blogger Pete Mack said...

Also: if the anecdote about women not voting because their husbands told them to vote Romney has any statistical relevance, the gender gap is even wider than I imagined. "Honor and obey" is a very conservative Christian trope. Going public with abstention is a really big protest vote.

11:51 PM  

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