Thursday, November 08, 2012

I Belong To An Organized Political Party

"A Vast Left-Wing Competency"


1. We can't let Citizens United is irrational, destructive of democracy, and almost guaranteed to put Dems at a perpetual electoral disadvantage.


2. There are ways to fight back, to leverage our advantages, while we are still saddled with CU. One way is to utilize smart, efficient campaigning methods like the ones that seem to have helped with '12 for us. Another is education; the more we can educate the electorate, the more immune they are to propaganda...and that favors us. (And if that stops favoring us, then we don't deserve to win; so, even better than favoring us: it favors whoever is right.)

3. And, while we're saddled with CU, if we can still beat them and make them expend vast resources in much the better.


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