Thursday, November 08, 2012

Will Sliver et al. Push The Media to Focus on Issues?

Now that we've taken a big step toward discrediting the bloviating pundits who pretend to be able to (in James Baker's evil, yet memorable phrase) "divine the intent of the voter(s)," will the media cease to focus on the horse-race hocus-pocus? Seems like a maybe is warranted, eh?

If they do, what will the fill the air time with? Nate and Sam and Drew and other Nate and company will probably get a lot of attention...but...that doesn't take up as much time as the bloviations of Dick Morris, nor the bickering of Carville and Matalin.

Damn. The networks might actually have to look at the issues...I mean...they're running out of other options...

They did have a brief flirtation with fact-checking a couple of weeks back... They seemed to get bored with it, because they stopped. Or maybe they realized that there was no way to spin the two campaigns as being equally dishonest, and feared the charge of liberal bias. Anyway, they quit.

But I say that the (possible) death of horse-race bloviating would elevate issue-analysis and fact-checking in the list of their plausible options.


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