Thursday, November 08, 2012

Dean "Unskewed Polls" Chambers: I Was Wrong


It is extremely important to admit when you are wrong. Unlike the most salient chunk of the right-wing noise machine, Dean Chambers is fessing up.

Good on you, Dean.

I mean, admissions of error shouldn't matter as much as they do...  If we see that, say, George F. Will is a sophist, then it doesn't matter whether Will himself will admit it. The really committed sophists--that is, the most dangerous of the breed--will never admit it. So what? Will Ann Coulter ever admit that she's a shrieking lie-banshee who will literally say anything if it's anti-liberal? No. Heck, Ari Fleischer was so much better at what he did than Scott McClellan because the former had no shame, whereas the latter was obviously bothered by the fact that he was a paid liar for an administration taking the country to hell.

Still...good on you, Dean.


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