Thursday, November 08, 2012

Boehner's Enthusiastic Intransigence

So I ended up in the emergency room yesterday if you can believe that. Not life-threatening or anything, but it was some bullshit, I'll tell you what.

Anyhoo, it turns out that, if you got to the emergency room, you have to wait for three hours to see a doctor. At least you do if your problem is stupid and non-life-threatening. This leads you to, after a couple of hours or so, say things like "eh...I'm feeling a lot better now...I think I'm gonna go home." To which they reply things like "ha ha! That would be really bad for our insurance rates! The doctor will be here, like, right away! Please just stay here and curse at the television some more.!"

Which reminds me that, on the upside, when they take you back to the room you sit in for two hours, there's teevee, and you can watch John Boehner come out less than 24 hours after the GOP gets its ass handed to it to announce that, although he's happy--nay, eager--to compromise, and he thinks it's about time that the president started leading, Republicans won't be compromising on any of their positions. Like tax rates on the ultra-super-mega-rich or military spending.

Then you can also watch the CNN people say things like: ooh, he said he wanted to compromise, and although the words he said were "f*ck you," his tone was compromise-y...and tone matters a lot.

Did anybody else watch that? Am I wrong here?

Also: If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Boehner, the Bush tax cuts are just gonna expire. I say: let 'em all expire and then force the GOP to block a new tax-cut aimed at the middle class. The GOP didn't even wait a day to fire the first shot. Start hammering them now, and never let up. Make GOP obstructionism the central political issue from now until November 2014.

[Edit: here's Boehner's announcement at Think Progress]

[Drum says basically the same thing.]


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