Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fox "News" Is Insane

JQ, as I've mentioned, started watching Fox News for the entertainment value.

I'm sitting here right now watching Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes, and some other people have a discussion about Iran allegedly taking a shot at one of our drones...and--and here I want to emphasize that I am not hyperbolizing--I think they might literally be insane.

It's like watching a newscast from Parallel Earth.

Everything is conclusive evidence that Obama is evil and incompetent. Iran is a gigantic threat to the U.S. And it is utterly inexplicable why they might view us as an enemy.

In particular, the fact that the incident was not reported before today is evidence of some nefarious doings by Obama. What did the President know and when did he know it? Was information withheld because of the election?


It's like the dial is always turned up to 11 or down to 0, and turned up or down selectively on the basis of conservative positions. If there is any possible way to even hint at something bad about Obama...ELEVEN MOTHER F*CKERS!!!!!111 Recognition that we overthrew Iran's democracy and doomed them to fifty years of rule by brutal authoritarians and theocrats? zero. Fear and paranoia? Eleven. Anything even vaguely resembling an effort to being objective: zero.

Seriously. I'm not just blowing off steam here as I sometimes do.

This is a company that makes money by pumping irrationality into the minds of the American electorate.

These are not merely buffoons.

They are very, very dangerous people.


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