Tuesday, January 07, 2020

"Racism" and "Climate Change" Mean Progressives Can Make You Do Anything They Want

And, as I've said before: if it can happen where I am, it can happen where you are.
   Actually it's worse, because it didn't really happen where I am; it happened in northern Virginia (NoVa, as we say). NoVa went blue, and, because there's a buttload of people there, the entire government of the Commonwealth fell into blue hands. And they immediately set about exterminating pockets of resistance in the culture war. They immediately  began working on firearm confiscation, and now they're trying to outlaw...well, anything non-urban is what it comes down to. Today the suburbs...tomorrow the exurbs...some day all the non-urbs. We all made fun of conservatives freaking out about Agenda 21...but, honestly, as much as the left hates rural Americans, do you really think they'll never suggest outlawing rural life? I mean, again: as I understand it, that's what Agenda 21 does... Nobody thinks that's on the docket for tomorrow or next year. But the global left has put it on the table in some sense. A progressive friend of mine sometimes dismisses concerns about, e.g., the Green New Deal by saying that it's merely "aspirational." Perhaps he'd say the same thing about Agenda 21. But aspirational is all my argument needs here. Aspirational is bad enough...
   But forget all that. Suppose there's no slippery slope. Suppose all they ever want to eliminate is the suburbs. Suppose, even, that their arguments have some weight. What I'm pointing out is: they are willing to control our lives and dismiss our preferences.
   The twin arguments--almost the only arguments the left has anymore: racism and climate change. The paleo-PCs' two favorite arguments were: rape and genocide. Everything they didn't like turned out to be--upon the application of their sophisticated methods of deconstruction and analysis--a "kind of" rape or a "kind of" genocide. The twin arguments of the NPCs: everything is either caused by racism or causes climate change. And anything that does either can legitimately be controlled, transformed, or eliminated by government or mass social action. And so anything about your life--etc. etc.
All your backyard are belong to us.


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