Tuesday, January 07, 2020

What Do You Do When You Can't Trust The Flagship News Media?

After a glance at the NYT this morning, that question forces itself to the front of my mind yet again.
I've gone from:
Trump is the most terrible thing to happen to this country since 9/11
Well, awful as he is, he's clearly not as bad as the MSM says
In some ways--e.g. his opposition to the Orwellian left--he's actually pretty good
He's clearly awful in some ways, and he's clearly pretty good in others, and in some ways he may be our last, best hope...God help us...........but all told he may be world-historically awful.........but there's almost no way to tell because the opposition to Trump is even crazier than he is...and the media barely even bothers to pretend it isn't part of that opposition anymore...
   The MSM is pumping up fear, covertly praising Suleimani, flogging the popularity angle, and pounding the war drums for the other side. A wave of hysterical "world war III" chatter swept through Reddit--which has become almost worse than the MSM over the past five years or so. Then there was the hysterical chatter about implementing a draft...as if this...any of this...made the slightest bit of sense.
   The left is so insane now that one hardly knows what to say. So maybe this is just another manifestation of that. But maybe it's also something like: these kids today! They don't remember the Cold War. If they're shitting themselves about a purely theoretical war with Iran...would they have just spontaneously combusted during the Cold War? Of course I don't remember the major media being insane back then...but I may have merely been na├»ve.


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