Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Italian Vogue Will Publish Photo-Free Issue Because Something Something Climatepocalypse!!!!!!

Though, if you really believed that we had to reduce carbon emissions by 10,000% (or whatever it is) in a decade or humans would all explode, you'd stop publishing f*cking fashion magazines anyway. And you'd eliminate the fashion industry, which is an absurd "industry" anyway, even independently of fantasies about trendy apocali. Is there anything really, more useless than f*cking advertisements intended to induce people to buy non-utilitarian clothes they don't need?
   In fact, if you really believed the fable, you'd stop doing a whole damn lot of the things such people love. Surely people who are willing to make it illegal to even question the politically correct climate tale should be willing to make it illegal to buy a new iPhone every year, yes? It should probably also be illegal to fail to do routine maintenance on your car, since that radically decreases its lifespan. In, what's the use?
   You can't reason with the Church of Progressivism.


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