Wednesday, January 08, 2020

An Actress I've Never Heard Of Is So Committed To Climate Whatsis That She Will No Longer Have Homes On Two Different Continents!!!

She is like Jesus but Jesusier.
I don't even understand how anyone can live on just one continent. Is that even living? It's like going back to the stone age or something. Or Arkansas.
   And, of course, having given up something that you never had, now she doesn't have to give up the things that she expects you to give up.
   Also, it is, of course, important to make a public announcement about this. Because what good is virtue unsignalled? All those people who have no idea who you are need to know that you are doing something fashionably moral by giving up things they could never afford. What, after all, is more important than averting the imaginary apocalypse?
   Get it, peasant?


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