Wednesday, January 08, 2020

It Looks Like Iran DID Shoot Down Ukraine Flight 752

Implausibly prompt "mechanical difficulties" explanation.
Plane seems to have been steadily gaining altitude...then drops.
Video seems to show it flames as it drops from the sky.
   God, that video is just awful.
   Also, of course, as we've all been thinking, undoubtedly: weirdly reminiscent of the Vincennes incident. My first thought, actually, was: this kind of weirdly wipes out or balances out--or something--that incident. I don't know what the idea is there, really...something like: their having done it drives home the point that it can be done accidentally/excusably. Or something. It will undoubtedly (rationally or not) rob the Vincennes incident of its rhetorical force.
   All those people. My God.
   Yet another reason to avoid military conflict even at great cost. Even aside from all the other reasons: it makes it easier to kill innocents in all sorts of even unexpected ways.

[NB4: the blood of all those people is on Drumppfpfpff's hands!!!!111]


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