Saturday, January 18, 2020

Everything Is White Supremacy: The NYT Is White Supremacy

I mean it's basically the Volkischer Beobachter, amirite?
Nobody is left enough for the new new left, bigot.
Remember back before 'racist' was redefined to include all and only white people in its extension, and 'white supremacists' were, like, the Klan and the Aryan Brotherhood and suchlike? That is, before 'racist' meant white person and 'white supremacist' meant racist?
Good times.
Thing is, now we need another term that means white supremacist--you know, the Klan and whatnot. But, so far as negative rhetorical valence goes, I'm really not sure where we go from 'white supremacist'… I guess that's really the point, though, isn't it? Now that all whites are racist and all racists are white supremacists, all white people are white supremacists...well, I guess that's probably congenial to the progressive left, actually. In fact, I guess it should have been obvious that that's where we've been going all along.
You're literally Hitler, Hitler.
Denying it just makes you Hitlerier.


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