Saturday, January 18, 2020

Walls and Fences Never Work!...But Northam Inexplicably Orders Fencing Erected For Pro-Second-Amendment Rally

More importantly: the FBI did seem to scrape up three neo-Nazi militiamen who were going to go to the rally. Which...I mean, obviously f*ck those guys...but there's nothing illegal about being a Neo-nazi. Stupid assholes have First Amendment rights, too. But I don't know the details in this case. They are apparently members of "The Base," which is notorious for having some sort of commitment to / plans for actual violence. Which is different. Though... Antifa is openly attending the rally, and they're openly violent, anti-democratic leftist totalitarians...
   But as for the other point: we were assured repeatedly that Trump's border barrier wouldn't work, because no barrier has ever worked to do its job in the entire history of mankind! After all, the Great Wall of China only worked for like 2,000 years or something... I mean, look, Northam can put up the fence around the capitol...but people will just climb over it...or tunnel under it! Fences never work!
   Consistency is the hobgoblin of politically incorrect minds, I reckon.


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