Saturday, January 18, 2020

Antifa Blackshirts To Join VCDL Pro-2A Rally In Richmond

My first thought was that this was a way to tarnish the rally...but since the average vocal progressive seems to be pro-...or at least not anti-...Antifa, I suppose that doesn't actually make much sense. Both sides have noted that gun-control has often been used in the U.S. to oppress blacks, but I've never been sure how good an argument that is. Democracy has been used to oppress blacks, too... Such historical arguments have to be handled carefully. It's more important to ask what the parameters of a generic American's rights are without regard to race. My inclination is to think that the Dems' hoplophobia harms contemporary blacks, because it harms us all. Though perhaps the point is: everyone should be concerned...but blacks should be especially concerned. 
   Leave it to Antifa to ignore all the bigger issues and find the racial angle, I reckon...
   It could also be a way to provoke violence, again, in order to tarnish the cause. 
   I ought to go, but I'm just too damn busy. Lame on me. Talks a big line, but not willing to schlep his scrawny ass down to Richmond to demonstrate on behalf of the Constitution. Lame, lame, lame.
   Hey, there's always tons of announcements about climate hysteria rallies at and around my university...wonder why I didn't see any announcements urging students to leave in the middle of class to go demonstrate for the Second Amendment? Weird, right? Must have just overlooked 'em.
   Institutional neutrality is dead at public universities. But that's a different aimless lament for a different time.


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