Saturday, January 18, 2020

VDH: "The New Post-Trump Constitution"

I'm skeptical of this.
   I'm more inclined to think that we're at a pretty unrepresentative time, when things have gone very bad. The bleeding-heart Orwellians drove the blue team hard left, this gave us Trumpo the Clown, this made the blue team completely lose it, this led to the attempted coup that was Russiagate/Pee-Tapegate...then the streams of crazy seem to have crossed big time in Ukrainegate. Seems to me like the Dems just mindlessly reloaded their mindless anti-Trump fantasy investigation after the failure of Rg/PTg...but it turns out that Trump was (or so it seems) up to some kind of shenanigans or other in Ukraine. Yahtzee! 
   Maybe I'm an optimist, but I think it's too soon to declare this the new normal.


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