Saturday, January 18, 2020

Trump Adds Dershowitz and Starr To Legal Team

   I mean seriously. No Judge Judy? Perry Mason unavailable? Judge Roy Moore? Too bad it's too early to cull any JAGs from Spaaaace Fooooooooorce
   If Trump were salvageable, he'd have gone after Jonathan Turley...though, as Reynolds (or somebody) said: maybe he did. Dershowitz is smart, tho. Dunno anything about his lawyerly chops.
Here I'm tempted to add: we are so screwed... But that's loser-talk. I've gotta stop saying that shit. Ten years from now, it's pretty likely that we'll look back on this as a dark, but transient, era. Trump will be gone and Orwellian progressivism will have retreated back, defeated, into the Mordor of ed schools, administration, and women's studies departments...but always watching...waiting...longing for its chance to emerge and defile the.....oh, hell, forget that last part... Would a little optimism absolutely kill me?


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