Saturday, January 11, 2020

Buttigieg And Others Say Trump Shares Responsibility For Downing Of Urkrainian Airliner

   I'm not sure he's obviously entirely wrong. My impression is that it largely depends on whether killing Soleimani was justified. If not, then I think it's pretty standard to say that we bear--and Trump bears--some of the responsibility. OTOH, if killing him was warranted, it seems harder to pin this--even in part--on us/Trump.
   There's still an enormous amount of uncertainty here. I'm not sure any layperson/observer should have a fixed opinion about it. So far it sounds to me like the killing was permissible, though it's not clear. Permissible, of course, doesn't necessarily mean optimal. (But of course it's consistent with optimal.) The blue team will basically always condemn whatever Trump does. First, they are guided by different moral and political orientations. Second, they hate his guts.
   My current guess is that killing Soleimani was permissible, but a stretch to the aggressive side. And attributing some blame to Trump is permissible, but a stretch to the anti-Trump side. So much of the blame rests with Iran that it's pretty weird to try to blame someone else. The blue team wouldn't likely try to exonerate us with such arguments were the situation reversed. But sorting this out would probably take a lot more information than we have, and would probably take a long time. More and more it's hard for me to see how to have well-justified opinions about this stuff, it happens so fast and furiously. Quite some time ago, I began to think: as long as presidential actions are within the realm of reason--as long as it's not clear that they are stupid or wrong--I think we should probably just stamp them OK and let them pass.  That's what I did with Obamacare and Libya during the last administration. (Imagine, though, Trump doing a Libya. Imagine the blue team letting that pass...) The problem with Bush and Iraq was that it was clear it was wrong--at least that we were being lied to and deceived about the reasons. Which was wrong. And an enormous number of ideas being proposed by the newly radical Dems are stupid and bad--so wrong. I liked Obama because I thought that, in the main, he didn't do stupid things. Trump's unacceptable because of all the stupid things he says. And it matters a lot what the president says. But when it's unacceptable vs. unacceptable, I've basically decided to go with says stupid things but has pretty good policies over has disastrous policies but is well-spoken. Or at least: has stupid policies that will move us back toward the center over has stupid policies that will barrel us even farther to the left. But we shouldn't have to make such a decision.


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