Wednesday, January 08, 2020

CNN Caves To Covington Kid Nick Sandman Lawsuit

He was suing for $275 million, but I don't think we know what he actually got.
   I keep saying that progressivism is about as wrong as a political view can be--they're wrong about big, sweeping things, about medium-sized things, and about relatively small, clear, self-contained things, too. If you're paying attention, and you're intellectually honest, you can't be a progressive. (Which doesn't mean you can't be a liberal--which is a different thing. Though liberalism now strikes me as kind of a gateway drug to progressivism.)
   The Covington kids case was one of the small, clear, self-contained things. When the initial video hit, it was clear that it had been absurdly edited. Progressives immediately accepted a tale that simply didn't fit even the deceptively chopped-up video. Sandman, the 16-year-old kid who committed the grave sin of wearing a hat expressing his support for a major political figure, was alleged to be doing all sorts of awful things. Harassing an old Indian dude, blocking his way, and, worst of all, being white and smirking. Progressives all over the web declared this all to be typical of white dudes and especially Trump supporters. There was a lot of talk about punching him in the face and so forth. Others encouraged colleges not to accept him when he applied.
   Even when the un-chopped-up video came out, conclusively giving the lie to the wildly incorrect and biased progressive stories about what had happened, progressives continued to insist that it showed things that it clearly did not show. In fact, the tape clearly showed the opposite of what progressives had been insisting: the old dude (whose name now escapes me) was actually harassing Sandman and company. The old dude had walked right up to Sandman and started beating his drum in Sandman's face. Sandman, far from provoking him--which he would have been justified in doing, actually--was just standing there about as impassively as anyone could under such absurd circumstandes. But Orwellianism, of course, doesn't just alter what you say--it reaches down into your mind and convinces you that you don't see what you're seeing. Who you gonna believe? Big Brother or your lyin' eyes? The Washington Post said obviously absurd things about what had happened, and only grudgingly and obliquely ever admitted error. Most commenters at the Post never did admit they were wrong--even conclusive video evidence wasn't enough to overcome their dogmatism.
   The Covington Kids case is a nice little self-contained object lesson in contemporary progressivism.
   I've heard people say that CNN caving means he's likely to run the table against his media tormentors. And I very much hope he does so.


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