Monday, June 24, 2019

Similar Conditions In Detention Centers Under Obama

This very pic is being circulated as if it were current.
No one thinks this is optimal, in case that, somehow, isn't clear.
But apparently the only even possible defense of Trump is: Obama did it too.
But--again--this seems to show the limitations of the system/facilities. It's a bug not a feature. The system can be swamped; but this isn't intentional infliction of cruelty. We've got to have a system and that system will have limitations. This is how things are in the real world of actual systems. This doesn't seem like a complicated point to me.
Obviously there could be any number of things I'm missing here. But vocal progressives simply seem to be trying to rip at heartstrings without being at all realistic about the shape of the problem we face, the costs at issue, and the causes of the relevant hardships.
To the extent that they are trying to say something like: We have to fix this
I absolutely agree.
To the extent that they are saying: All immigration controls are immoral
Or: We are evil/racist
I absolutely disagree.
Perhaps this attitude springs from a liberal tendency to exaggerate the capacities and competence of government? Do they think that the government is capable of doing all this perfectly, and it's just cruelly/perversely refusing to do so?


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