Sunday, June 23, 2019

Media Normalization Of Prepubescent Crossdressing

It's hard to pick out the craziest thing about this [NSFW!]. There's just fact of it, obviously. But there's also how quickly it's happened and how seamlessly the media slipped into promoting it. The PC left lives in an ideologically-motivated fantasy world...but one would have thought that the obvious sexualization of children would have tripped even their circuit-breakers. Is the idea that this sort of thing isn't associated with some kind of sexuality and eroticism? Or is the idea that it's permissible for children to be sexualized? Often such things don't involve any single delusion; if any single one were clearly articulated, it'd be too absurd to ignore. Such delusions often survive in a kind of superposition of states; if any of the components were ever to be brought into clear focus, it would be much more difficult to ignore/defend. 
   I suppose the idea is that it's prudery to be alarmed and grossed out by this stuff? I'm not used to being on the side of the prudes. But, then, only recently has it become prudish to object to borderline-pedophilia. Hey, didn't it used to be pretty ordinary to be appalled by those "beauty pageants" for little girls? I guess I thought that basically everybody recognized how grotesque they were. But I guess they're ok now? Or what? I mean, those things are starting to look downright quaint by comparison. 


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