Monday, June 24, 2019

Oregon Clownshow

So, am I getting this right?:
Oregon voters vote down cap-and-trade policy.
Dems in the Oregon legislature decide to pass it anyway.
Pubs flee so as to deny them a quorum.
Dem Governor sends out the State police to...what? Drag them back to the Statehouse by the scruffs of their necks?
State police announce they will merely attempt persuasion--warning! Adults have entered the building...
Pub senator says they'd better "send bachelors and come heavily-armed...", thus introducing the threat of gunplay...though somewhat jokily?
Militias announce they will protect the Pubs; more guns in play now, perhaps seriously.
Militia (?) makes some kind of threat, capital shut down. Or: Dems say somebody who said they had some link to a militia made a "possible threat" knows.
[Probably as likely to be an intentionally exaggerated quasi-hate-crime quasi-hoax as to be for real...but maybe...]
Clownshow powers: activate!


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