Sunday, June 23, 2019

Cathy Young: The CDC's Rape Numbers [May Be] Misleading

As Young notes: "rape culture" nonsense is nonsense...but if we did take it seriously, it looks like feminists would have to admit that it's pretty much a two-way street.
Also: there's reason to believe that the CDC's numbers--far more in line with the infamous "1 in 4" claim than with the DoJ's numbers--are flawed.
The CDC also reports that men account for over a third of those experiencing another form of sexual violence—“sexual coercion.” That was defined as being pressured into sexual activity by psychological means: lies or false promises, threats to end a relationship or spread negative gossip, or “making repeated requests” for sex and expressing unhappiness at being turned down.
Uh..."making repeated requests and expressing unhappiness at being turned down" is "sexual violence"? Whelp, looks like most of us have been "victimized" at some time or other...


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