Monday, June 24, 2019

WaPo: "Trump's Erratic Policy Moves Put National Security At Risk, Experts Warn"

I stumble out of bed this morning and execute a controlled fall toward the coffee-maker, eventually finding myself at my desk. Revise like two sentences of this stupid, shitty paper I'm working on, which I hate and never want to see again.
Want to avoid news...
Also want to see whether the Unindicted Co-Conspirator-In-Chief blew anything up while I was asleep.
By stupid habit, check the WaPo.
Find the headline above.
Think: sounds about right.
Miss a beat, then think: Yeah but...the WaPo...

   Trump's erratic nature is what I worry about most. The left has gone insane--especially about him. He's way, way, waaay less bad than they make him out to be. But he still shouldn't be anywhere near the Oval Office. Mostly because he's just such a f***ing spaz... I honestly don't know what the guy might be capable of when pushed. And the blue team is dedicated to pushing him as far as possible.
   Arrayed against him, of course is the Monolithic Progressive Threat, including the news media, including the WaPo. And they simply can't be trusted. Not currently, anyway. Obviously, I've lost all patience with the progressive bloc. I think it's even more dangerous than Trump, and I'm just generally sick of its shit. I absolutely do not trust my ability to be objective about American politics now.
   But look: according to me, that story is just bullshit.
   It's not that there's not something in there. But, for example, the Post yet again tries to portray the Mexican/migrant/tariff issue as some kind of erratic loss, as if Trump spastically announced tariffs and then Mexico foxily out-maneuvered him with promises to control migrants. Which does not seem to be in any way what happened. And he certainly seemed spastic on NAFTA, too...but neither of these issues seems to be properly a national security issue. (Well, maybe the former. But can the WaPo admit that, I wonder?)
   Iran: yeah, sure.
   Though, even there: some reports had it that Trump was admirably open-minded and reflective about the attacks, even soliciting and carefully weighing the advice of Dems with whom he is feuding. Hard to countenance, I'll grant you...but hardly impossible. Anyway: there seems to be no thought given to representing things from that angle: Trump thoughtfully makes right decision, decides not to strike Iran so as to avoid civilian casualties.
   And most of the story is about Dems nattering on the Sunday natter-fests--not about the opinions of experts, contra the headline--Sanders, Harris and Booker are not experts on foreign policy by any stretch of the imagination.
   And look: shouldn't we be praising Trump for this? Not necessarily for the initial decision, but for listening to the experts, thinking about it, and calling it off? If we really cared about the country and the world, wouldn't we treat this as an opportunity to help bring out the better Trump--instead of another opportunity to shit on him? It's not like he's utterly irrational--not like he's impossible to work with. He seems subject to flattery. And he seems like the kind of guy who can be driven to even greater spasticality if pushed. So why push him? To seek political advantage is the obvious answer.
   Though I do have some inclination to agree with Kamala Harris: “I don’t believe that anyone should receive credit for [averting?] a crisis of their own making.”
   Overall, the story strikes me as about par for the course for the Post these days: a lot of grumbling about Trump when nobody else seems to have any better ideas, said grumbling packaged so as to make it seem like a stronger indictment than it actually is, the whole thing stuck under a contentious headline.
   But this is exactly the kind of situation that's worried me about him from the beginning. He seems like approximately the last person who ought to be the "decider" in a situation like this. Well...actually the last person is probably John Bolton... Damn...
   Anyway. Nothing to see here; move along. Just reporting on my impressions of this story. Reality tv star in White House, bunch of partisan morons pretending to be journalists report on same, total shitshow ensues.
   I don't even know how concerned to be about everything because the media hypes the drama for the clicks. Half the time I think We are so f***ed. Half the time I think Eh, this machine will keep on clattering in roughly the right direction, barring some huge mistake. Then I think: Trump is just the kind of guy to make a huge mistake. Then I think: Well, he's 1000% better than Bush to this point... Then I think I don't know what to think anymore...
   I just do not know.


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